....pet paintings redefined by kellie oliphant-burns, b.f.a. .... ...her Italian Greyhounds, Rupert and Leeroy, reporting... and Maybel too!!!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Minutes to Time Out!

Rupert: "So, what's up today, wee man?"
Leeroy: "Other than trying to stay warm, just a couple things, I think."
Rupert: "Ok...can you spit it out?"
Leeroy: "My, my...aren't we impatient today!"
Rupert: "I am just excited about the Doodle Dog December deal of the month!"
Leeroy: "I know, I am too...the last 2 deals for October and November went instantly! It's the only place Kellie has a special on one canvas for that month. Once it sells, you have to wait until the next month. So this month's special is a cute sized 12" x 12" custom headshot painting! It's all taylored to what the buyer wants!"
Rupert: "You can treat yourself or someone special to handpainted artwork of their pet!"
Leeroy: "Speaking of treats...have you all made it to the new Bark and Fitz location in the Kanata Centrum? Everything on my wish list is from there! You have to go! It's amazing!"
Rupert: "Everyone is so nice and they give you treats and there is so much to sniff and play with and eat and wear and see!"

Leeroy: "Kellie did a painting special for the store of Amanda's Duke....it's called "Duke, King of Danes" and it's HUGE!"
Rupert: "Just like Duke....he's a bit bigger than me..."
Leeroy: "A BIT?! You are kidding, right? He's at least 15 of you!"
Rupert: "Oh, yeah...well he must be about 25 of you!"
Leeroy: "I know he is....I'm not stupid!"
Rupert: "I beg to differ...."
Leeroy: "You are always begging...."
Rupert: "Kellie is coming to give us a time out....we'll see you next week."
Leeroy: "You always get us into trouble, Rupert!"
Rupert: "ME? You always start it....ooops gotta go...."

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whaz Up, White Stuff?

Rupert: "Well, the white stuff is here again and I can't believe I put up with it!"
Leeroy: "What choice do we have? I think it might be here for awhile..."
Rupert: "One good thing, it does mean we are closer to Christmas! I have my wish list finished and good to go."
Leeroy: "Lemme guess what's on it: Treats, treats and more treats....you are such a piggy iggy!"
Rupert: "Excuse me, it's treats, treats and toys, then more treats."
Leeroy: "Why bother putting toys on your list? You know I will steal them all from you and have my way with them."
Rupert: "Oh, yeah, like you tried to with my new nubby ball? And what happened? Kellie took it away from you and hid it from you."
Leeroy: "Doesn't that mean she hid it from you too?"
Rupert: "Um...anyways...Here is this week's artwork for all of you to see, it's "Miss Virginia Woof!". She has a pink squeaky ball she doesn't have to share with anybody....must be nice!"

Leeroy: "Look at her awesome hair! She is so unique. I bet her and I would have a blast together."
Rupert: "She lives in Virginia and her owners think she may be part min pin and part dachshund....I think she is ALL adorable."
Leeroy: "Me too!"
Rupert: "Don't you want to tell them about your news? Little superstar?"
Leeroy: "Well, I don't want to show off or anything but I'm in a magazine!!! It's Dogs in Canada!"

Rupert: "Photographer Suzanne Bird used him for an article on renting dogs. Can you imagine? I wouldn't want to be rented out."
Leeroy: "Me neither. Kellie was with me for the whole photo shoot and we had fun. She assured me we were just playing pretend."
Rupert: "Shucks, eh? What ever would I do if you were rented out....heeheehee."
Leeroy: "Hey, you would miss me, cry for me, be lost without me!"
Rupert: "Ok, maybe just a little. I'm proud to be your brother, little man."

Sunday, October 19, 2008

FurBall prize painting!

Leeroy: "Hey, Rup, did you see the frost on the grass this morning?"
Rupert: "Unfortunately. Did you see how I didn't want to walk in it?"
Leeroy: "Yeah...it's pretty sad."
Rupert: "At least these last few days we've been able to find indoor sunpatches and we get to wear our doodle dog shirts."
Leeroy: "I got a special parcel in the mail this week with some warm cozies! Now I don't have to borrow yours anymore. Jane made me some awesome fleecies, can't wait to show you!"
Rupert: "Oh, that's real nice...use my stuff, even pee on it and then get yourself some brand new stuff. Thanks alot!"
Leeroy: "Um...jealous much?"
Rupert: " Anyways.....look at this week's artwork. It's for the winners of the Ottawa Humane Society's FurBall prize!"

Leeroy: "Very beachy!"
Rupert: "It's of Dora the beautiful Golden Retriever. Her and her family have recently moved to the east coast and she loves the water so the background incorporates that. Also, Dora loves her frisbee and wearing her hot pink bandana! Kellie got to meet her before they moved away."
Leeroy: "Maybe someday we'll get to meet her. She's so pretty!"
Rupert: "That would be amazing. I'd love to run with her on the beach, watch the sunset over the ocean while holding paws, skinny dip together."
Leeroy: "Calm down, bro. You've never even met her!"
Rupert: "But I can tell that she is wonderful. And a boy can dream, right?"
Leeroy: "Sure, you're so good at keeping it real. That's why I love ya."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rupert: "So, Leeroy, did you recover from your bathtime tantrum last week?"
Leeroy: "Very funny....let's not talk about it, let's talk about how nice it has been these last few days and how much fun we have at the dog park!"
Rupert: "You're right, this weekend we are so thankful for all this warm sunshine."
Leeroy: "I am also thankful that I don't have to wear my sweater at the dog park today!"
Rupert: "This weekend is also Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey, Delaware. Kellie went last year and couldn't make it this year but she has promised that she is going next year and that WE CAN GO TOO!!!"
Leeroy: "ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rupert: "But we have to wait til next year. Kellie did send down an original painting for the Greyhounds in Art Show at Greyhounds Reach the Beach. It's called "Houndstooth Hound" and measures 20" x 24". The proceeds of her donated artwork along with other raffle items will be going towards greyhound cancer research!"

Leeroy: "I can't wait to go to Dewey next year, Kellie says it is a magical place. Everytime she thinks about being there she feels true bliss. The beach, the sand, the ocean and the hounds! We are thinking about Julie of Chilly Dogs, Sue of Urban Dog Photog and Char of Around the Hounds who drove down to participate. Hope they have alot of fun!"
Rupert: "How can they not? I know Kellie is wishing she was there with them but I am thankful she is with us this weekend!"
Leeroy: "Me too, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!"

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Crack out the Rain Gear....Fall is Here!

Rupert: "Hey, all.....I'll be the first to let you know that I am no fan of cold weather. I am very sad to see summer go and my sunbathing time shortened every day. There is still lots to do outside, lots of places to sniff and friends to play with. Last weekend we had so much fun at the new Bark and Fitz location in Kanata! We saw Liz from the Ottawa Dog Blog and she took lots of pictures from the day! We got treats and a new toy too.
Kellie wanted me to let you know that she is heading to Montreal this Saturday, October 4th for an outdoor Pet Fair and Adoption event called "Pawfect Match". She will have some of her artwork there and is making the journey with fab friend photographer Suzanne Bird! The event is from 11am to 4pm - you should go!
Also, Kellie has a small show on for the next couple of months at Baker Bob's gallery in the bustling downtown of Almonte. What beats dogs and fresh baking? You can even see my portrait there!
One last thing for today....the artwork for this week! It's "Baby Babs"! This cutie's portrait was a surprize birthday gift! Babs really needs to lend me some of her fur. She is so pretty!

Well, I'm off to the dogpark....the sun is trying to shine so I better go catch it. Oh, if you're wondering where Leeroy is, he's "indisposed" - that's what Kellie said. All I know is that he got into something he shouldn't have and is now having a bath! Hahaha...sucker!
See you all next time."

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September Stuff!

Rupert: "We have been super busy the last few weeks makin' lots of new friends at a new off leash dog park near us! It is SO much fun and I get to do what I want and play and run and sniff!"
Leeroy: "Yeah! I like to run and run and run and run and run and run!"
Rupert: "Slow down, boy! Ok, so we have a few things that Kellie wants us to tell you about."
Leeroy: "and run and run and run and run and run!"
Rupert: "Leeroy! STOP for a second! So, there is a new Bark and Fitz opening up in Kanata at the end of this month! That's near us so we are very excited to make more visits and get more treats! Kellie will have a big painting up of someone special!"
Leeroy: "who, me?"
Rupert: "Nope...."
Leeroy: "You?"
Rupert: "No, sir, you'll just have to wait and see! Also Kellie has been cleaning out her studio and found lots of artwork she forgot she had! It's alot of stuff from before doodleDOG and she is selling it in the boutique! If you like bugs then you will love this stuff!"
Leeroy: "I eat bugs."
Rupert: "Um....too much info I think Leeroy. Also, and drumroll please!!! Once a month Kellie is going to offer ONE original canvas at a super price! Once it's sold, it's gone and you'll have to wait weeks for another opportunity! How neat is that?"
Leeroy: "Super neat! Know what else is neat is this week's painting! It's "Fun with Finnley" - look at her eyes, one is blue and one is brown....how did Finnley do that?"

Rupert: "I think she was just born really special. I love her hair! And her little tongue peeking out!"
Leeroy: "Heehee....what a great girl....me likey!"
Rupert: "Me too. What do you want to do now?"
Leeroy: "Let's go to the park and run and run and run and run and run and run!"
Rupert: "Let's GO!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Something old, something new, it's all mine and it's blue!

Rupert: "It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!"

Leeroy: "um...technically not until Wednesday, Rupert."
Rupert: "yeah but I got my first present on the weekend! Kellie couldn't wait to give me my new ball!!! I am SO happy. Someone......I said SOMEONE chewed all the nubs off my last one and I was devastated! That old ball was with me from puppyhood. Now it is dead, you ruined it Leeroy."
Leeroy: "I'm sorry, man, I got lost in the moment."
Rupert: "Oh, yeah....like we do with most of our toys but the ball was special to me."
Leeroy: "Well, there's a place we can see all of our toys that have passed on. It's REALLY cool, it's called LickedToys.com and you can submit photos of toys you won the battle with! It's so fun, I visit the site all the time!"
Rupert: "That is my kind of toy graveyard! I'd love to meet alot of those dogs that play my kind of game!"
Leeroy: "Hey, did you see this week's painting? Look! It's "Cha Cha Chica!!" she is the sweetest little Chihuahua ever!"

Rupert: "That painting is like ten times bigger than her! What a fun piece! Her portrait takes up the whole canvas and she really pops from it!"
Leeroy: "I am in love with Chica, for real! Look at her beautiful eyes!"
Rupert: "No, I am in love with Chica, she's the one for me."
Leeroy: "I said it first, I love her MORE."
Rupert: "Well, it's MY birthday and I love her the MOST! She's mine!"
Leeroy: "Only for your birthday, though. Happy birthday, bro."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Rupert: "You all know how much we love summer, but Kellie has some special pricing to make you love summer too! There are a couple of sizes on special for commissions booked in July and August!"
Leeroy: "Cool...those are some nice big canvases too!"
Rupert: "While we are relaxin', Kellie is busy in her studio. She is already booking her last few spots for Christmas!"
Leeroy: "Ooooo.....me likes Christmas. I've only had one so far!"
Rupert: "Stay tuned also for some upcoming events and charities Doodle Dog Paintings will be participating in! Hey, like our logo?"
Leeroy: "Very nice! So is this week's painting!"
Rupert: "This one is called "Miss Maya". It was a wedding gift from one friend to the bride for her special day!"

Leeroy: "Super fun for celebrating!"
Rupert: "Speaking of celebrating, I am getting geared up to do some of my own!!! Remember what's coming up next week, Leeroy. Don't forget!"
Leeroy: "Oh yeah! I heard there will be cake!"
Rupert: "Let's go do some snooping!"
Leeroy: "See you all next week guys..."

Monday, July 14, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitties...

Leeroy: "Oh, kitties....where are you? I am looking for you.....are you outside?"
Rupert: "Hey, kid, you're looking in the wrong place."
Leeroy: "Whadda you mean?"
Rupert: "Well, the kitties for today are in some of Kellie's artwork."
Leeroy: "Oh.....that's right...sometimes I forget she paints kitties too."
Rupert: "She paints almost everything, Leeroy. She just specializes in dogs, cats and horses."
Leeroy: "Show me da kitties!"
Rupert: "Well, the first one is "Bright Eyed Bunny". A beautiful memorial to a dearly missed kitty. She loved to be out in the garden and to be with her special family. She was very loyal and sweet."
Leeroy: "Oh! I like Bunny! She looks like a really nice kitty!"

Rupert: "This next one is "Purrfectly Peej" and she is very shy with new people. She lives with lots of other kitties in a really fun, kitty friendly home. There are posts they can climb and special shelves they can walk along! Oh! And there's a rabbit too!"
Leeroy: "They are so lucky! I wanna go see!!"

Rupert: " And there's also "Thomas & Riley". They love to snuggle up together, just like us Leeroy!"
Leeroy: "Yay! Snuggles! I love seeing all the kitties!"

Rupert: "Me too! It does put me in a snuggling mood...."
Leeroy: "I'm up for that! Let's go find our kitty brother, Tadd...I am sure he has a spot warmed up for us!"

Monday, July 7, 2008

We LOVE summer! Yippeeeeee!!!

Rupert: "Summer is our absolute FAVORITE time of year! I just can't contain myself!"
Leeroy: "We have been busy! And enjoying the sunshine!"
Rupert: "I still have dreams about Woofstock. There were so many other dogs and treats and things to sniff. We will definitely go again next year."

Leeroy: "We saw LOTS of other iggies like us and I even met my brother Dasher! In the photo below, he is on the left and I am on the right. Turns out I was the runt of the litter....Dash is alot bigger than me."

Rupert: "I was the biggest iggy! Yippee! I win!"
Leeroy: "It was a contest?"
Rupert: "Dunno.....what I do know is that I felt like royalty all weekend! We stayed in the King Edward hotel and were pampered! We had our own gift bags, bowls brought to the room and could wander the halls whenever we wanted! Kellie even let me wear her slippers! The bathrobe was too big though...."

Leeroy: "The California king was the perfect size for sleeping in! We had such a fun time!"
Rupert: "I liked the revolving glass door in the lobby - wheeeeeee, it went round and round and round!"
Leeroy: "Hey, this week's painting is "Fiesty Fritz!" - he lives in Toronto. We kept an eye out for him at Woofstock but we didn't get to meet him."

Rupert: "The background was inspired by Fritz's parents love for France and deep blues and tomato oranges."
Leeroy: "I heard Fritz is pretty sneaky....he loves to snatch school lunches from backpacks! That gives me some ideas!"
Rupert: "Yeah....I saw you practicing and trying to sneak those liver treats out of the cupboard......but you got busted....amateur! Hahahaha!"
Leeroy: "Let's go practice some more.....can you help me? Think of all those new treats that came home with us from Woofstock!"
Rupert: "Yum, I'm in....let's go!"

Thursday, June 26, 2008

OOoooops...we were sleeping on the job!

Rupert: "Wakey, wakey little bro'. We have overslept!"
Leeroy: "Oh, oh...what happened? Where has the time gone?"
Rupert: "Well, Woofstock in Toronto really wore us out! I loved it, we will have to post some photos of our time..but that's for next week..."
Leeroy: "Remember to tell them I met my littermate brother, k?"
Rupert: "You bet....next week!"
Leeroy: "This week we wanted to do a special post for a stunning and sweet Pekenese that recently passed."
Rupert: "It's beautiful miss Ginger Snap. Kellie recently found out about her passing and has been very sad. Kellie was lucky enough to have painted Gingie over a year ago and to have also met her in person. Her mama Beverley is a super special lady and we all send our sympathies Ginger's family."
Leeroy: "I didn't get to meet Ginger but I can tell she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside."
Rupert: "You're right Leeroy, she's one in a million."
Leeroy: "A billion!"
Rupert: "A cajillion."
Leeroy: "She will be missed so much but we know her spirit will always be with us. Take care everybody."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Which Way to Woofstock?!

Leeroy: "Hey, Rup...how do we get to Woofstock?"
Rupert: "Um... I think it's this way but I think we need to go in the car..."
Leeroy: "Hmmmm...I think it's THIS way."
Rupert: "We better leave it up to Kellie, she said it's in Toronto and that we get to stay the whole weekend of June 6th, 7th and 8th! We get to stay in a hotel and everything!"
Leeroy: "A hotel? I've never stayed away from home overnight before..."
Rupert: "Ooooo...it's SO fun - we can even order room service!"
Leeroy: "I'm down with that..."
Rupert: "We'll also see LOTS of other doggies and see what things we can buy! I can't wait!"
Leeroy: "It will be awesome making some new friends! Hey....other dogs should let us know they are going...ok, all you out there that are going, tell us! Maybe we can meet you! You can leave a comment here or even email Kellie and let her know!"
Rupert: "Yippee! Dog Party!!!"
Leeroy: "Wait! Look at this week's painting - it's "La, La, Lieba!" It's a BIG painting of an adorable girl in Westboro! Isn't that neat how she can sit pretty like that? I've been practicing but I just can't get it right."

Rupert: "I don't know how Lieba does it! She is amazing and beautiful! Look how tiny you look next to the painting! heeheehee!"
Leeroy: "I was trying to sit pretty but I could only get one leg up."
Rupert: "One leg up, eh.....just make sure it's not the back one!"

Friday, May 9, 2008

Dis One's For All Da Mamas!

Rupert: "Ahem...I have written a poem in celebration of Mother's Day this weekend. I would like to share it.
Mama, Mama, you da one dat loves me...
Thank you, thank you, without you where would I be?
Happy, happy is really what you make me...
Always, always us together is what I see!"
Leeroy: "Make sure to wish your Mamas a Happy Mother's Day this weekend! We are going to have a little party for ours and then have a big nap together and then go for a drive and then go running around and then get some treats and enjoy the sunshine!"

Rupert: "Yippee! So much fun. Maybe we will even get to see Lizzie and Liza soon, two of our favorite pug girlfriends! Kellie painted them for their Mama. They each got their own canvas to be painted on and the backgrounds have the same pattern but da colours are switched. We LOVE Lizzie and Liza!"
Leeroy: "Have a super weekend everybodies!"

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Book, a Walk, an Apple and a TV Show!

Leeroy: "May is here and that means it's time for B.A.R.K.'s 7th Annual "Woofs and Wags" Walkathon! It is this Sunday, May 4th at the Experimental Farm Arboretum. Registration is at 8 a.m. and the walk starts at 9! I haven't been before...sounds like there is alot of stuff to do after the walk too and it's all for such a good cause!"
Rupert: "I was there last year and I had so much fun! Did the walk, got some snacks, met a pet communicator, had my photo taken by the extraordinary Sue Bird and had some more snacks! Yum!"
Leeroy: "A pet communicator? You find out why you love food so much?"
Rupert: "Maybe this year we can find out why your nickname is Chicken Little..."
Leeroy: "I'm NOT chicken....I'm just reserved when I meet new people and dogs, that's all, there's nothing wrong with that..."
Rupert: "Easy, boy! You are just really shy. Like when we met Apple, remember. You said you were overwhelmed...."
Leeroy: "Oh, yes, Apple! She is SO cute and her mama Mandy is the nicest ever!"
Rupert: "Kellie calls this week's feature "Apple of my Eye" and it is of an Ottawa Westie we made friends with. We got to play and sniff and bark together. The background of the painting is a velvety black damask pattern on hot pink! It really suits Apple's fiesty and beautiful personality."

Leeroy: "It was a big painting too - Apple's portrait was way bigger than me! A couple of times when I was passing by it I had to make sure it wasn't a real dog that came over to visit!"
Rupert: "Speaking of visit....you should tell them about your morning last Friday on Breakfast Television!"
Leeroy: "There were so many people and some other dogs...I met Six and Doyle. I ate a TimBit. Kellie held me while she did her live interview and announced her book "The First Bark" which is now on sale!!! I was overwhelmed for sure...."
Rupert: "You mean chicken...."

Monday, April 21, 2008

Bring on the Sunshine!

Rupert: "I am so thrilled that my type of weather has finally arrived! Bring on the heat, bring on the sunshine and bring on the summer!
Guess what?! Kellie is gearing up to appear on Ottawa's Breakfast Television this coming Friday morning! She should be on at 7:55 a.m. for all you locals! Be sure to look for Leeroy and some Doodle Dog originals on air! Kellie is also announcing her book "The First Bark" on the show and it will be available for sale starting Friday!
Leeroy isn't reporting with me today, he says he is saving up his energy for Friday and he is getting lots of beauty sleep.

This week's featured painting is a memorial to best buddies "Razor and Cocoa". They did everything together and were neighbours! The sky background adds to the playfulness and Cocoa is ready to play ball. Great memories of friends to the end.
Make sure to check out Kellie's website, she will be updating the gallery with some more Doodle Dogs this week!"

Saturday, April 5, 2008

It's my Birfday!

Leeroy: "Today is my birfday! I am one! Nobody believes I am one, they all think I am still a puppy. I will be getting a special birfday dinner and cake and presents too!"
Rupert: "He'll be sharing the food with me, though. Kellie said so."
Leeroy: "Yah, yah....oh, Kellie was at the Ottawa Humane Society's Furball last weekend. She said it was really great and a really nice couple won her donation. Kellie was all dressed up and had these weird shoes on with sticks at the heels...she said I wasn't allowed to chew on the sticks. I don't know what else they would be there for...?"
Rupert: "We waited up for her to get home, it was really late but we still danced when she got in!"
Leeroy: "Oh, yeah...that was fun! The Furball night raised over $110,000 this year! What a great cause!"
Rupert: "That would buy alot of food!"
Leeroy: "Rupert, simmer with the food.....This week's painting feature is called "Playful Peter". It is a memorial to a dear greyhound in the US. His owners lost him suddenly and miss him so much. You can tell what a loving soul he is, what a nice way to remember him."

Rupert: "Peter's fur colours are really neat. Kellie says he was a brindle. I love his happy eyes!"
Leeroy: "Me too. Let's go tell Kellie that we did our post. I think it's time for us to go for a big walk, it's finally sunny out and warm enough. We can think about Peter on our walk."
Rupert: "Good idea, bro....and by the way, happy birthday....I'm glad you're here."
Leeroy: "RUPERT!? Are you getting emotional with me? You LOVE me?! Is that a tear in your eye?!!!"

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A Doodle DOG Book! A Doodle DOG Book!

Rupert: "I am SO excited! A Doodle DOG book is now being printed as we speak!!! Kellie has been working very hard on this and is expecting her first shipment of her first book in the next few days! It's a 60 page hardcover book, and it measures 7" x 7" - great to display for friends and family!
Inside you'll find me and Leeroy along with over 60 other dogs that have been painted by Kellie over the last couple of years. This book is dedicated to the dogs, her next one will include her cat and horse paintings too but we'll have to wait for that one!
The book, called "The First Bark" will be available for sale soon directly through Kellie to start. Watch her boutique for it's arrival! Yippee! Leeroy, we're going to be famous!!!"
Leeroy: "Now that Rupert hogged the spotlight on this post, I might as well let him tell you about this week's painting. I'm off to sulk now....maybe Kellie will feel sorry for me and give me a cookie...."
Rupert: "Never mind him...he's in a mood....This week's painting is called "Queen Candy". It is a gorgeous greyhound painted as a gift from one sister to another. Candy was a first greyhound to her owner and came as a rescue. Candy passed on but inspired her owner to continue to rescue greyhounds and open up her heart and home to this sweet and loyal breed. I wish I could have met Candy. Kellie says she would have been alot bigger than me and that she could run really fast! The cameo headshot forever immortalizes her and hopefully brings comfort as well as good memories back to her owner."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Let's go to the FURBALL!

Rupert: "On Saturday, March 29th, Kellie will be attending the Ottawa Humane Society's Furball! It's at the National Gallery and she is donating a big canvas prize...the winner will get a painting of their pet! It's a black tie ball with a Mardi Gras theme. I wonder what Kellie is going to wear?!"
Leeroy: "Look at me! Look at me! I know what I am wearing! I am good to go!"
Rupert: "Sorry to tell you Leeroy, we will have to stay at home for this one BUT we can wait up for Kellie to come home and have an after party celebration!"
Leeroy: "Can I still wear my bowtie?"
Rupert: "Sure...for all you humans who want to go, you can get your tickets online at www.ottawahumane.ca/furball"
Leeroy: "Wish we could go! Now look at Kellie's painting for this week! It's "Oh, Boy! Ozzy!" He is SO cool!"

Rupert: "LOVE everything about it! I bet Ozzy would love to go to the FurBall too. Maybe us doggies should get together and have our own party!"
Leeroy: "That's a super idea! We can have treats, and games, and toys and more treats....Yippee!"
Rupert: "Hey, I haven't invited you yet..."
Leeroy: "But you will won't you?"
Rupert: "Don't hold your breath, bro."
Leeroy: "Big meanie......everyone be sure to visit Kellie's website for more artwork!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Ready for a Snow Day...

Rupert: "Ok...NO laughing...no laughing about my outfit or about this snowstorm we are supposed to get tomorrow..... Are we seriously getting 50 cms?!"
Leeroy: "I don't know what 50 cms is but if it involves cozy pjs and lots of treats then I am in!"
Rupert: "Oh, Leeroy....so young...so naive..."
Leeroy: "Blah, blah, blah.....Rup, I know you are looking forward to the treats....I saw Kellie come in with some extra food for us for the weekend! By the way, nice hat..."
Rupert: "I am overlooking your uneducated comment about my chapeau and going to talk about this painting by Kellie. It's "Marvellous Maxwell". Max even came over to our house and we got to play with him! Sorry about Leeroy's lack of manners, Max....my brother can be a little too hyper sometimes."
Leeroy: "ME? Hyper?! You were jumping all over him too! Lack of manners...give me a break..."
Rupert: "Anyways....Max's portrait has a classic black satin background and he looks so distinguished!"
Leeroy: "OOOOoooo....distinguished...someone's been reading the dictionary..."
Rupert: "Don't get smart with me...and don't forget who's pjs you are wearing...you're going to need them this weekend!"
Leeroy: "SO bossy! Oh well......stay safe and warm everyone! Be sure to check out www.doodledogpaintings.com !"

Friday, February 29, 2008

BRRRRR....let's snap out of this cold!!

Leeroy: "Gosh, Rupert, I don't like this winter thing....it's my first winter and I just don't like the cold!"
Rupert: "Look, it's a fact of life here in Canada...at least we have each other to snuggle under the covers with! I have tried talking Kellie into hibernating but she reminded me that I would miss out on some food...so I've settled for long winter naps."

Leeroy: "Kellie is too busy to hibernate! Guess what - to help us snap out of this cold she is offering a special for commissions booked in March!!! Get her 24" x 30" size for $650 - that's a savings of $70!!!"
Rupert: "Wow! She doesn't often have specials..."
Leeroy: "Cause you cost too much to feed, hahaha."
Rupert: "Hey, who's sharing thier blanket with you? Wanna keep it that way?"
Leeroy: "Sorry...I know you are sensitive about your boyish figure....let's talk about a painting."
Rupert: "Perfect. We'd like to show you "Remember Montana" a beautiful memorial to a special dog."

Leeroy: "I really like Montana's thick fur coat...I wish I had fur like that...looks so nice and cozy."
Rupert: "I saw Kellie with tears in her eyes sometimes when she was painting this one. She told me that she is always honoured to paint peoples' pets and that it is extra emotional to work on memorials. I wish we could have met Montana."
Leeroy: "To see more of Kellie's artwork please visit www.doodledogpaintings.com - we hope to see you there. Stay warm!"