Something old, something new, it's all mine and it's blue!

Rupert: "It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!"

Leeroy: "um...technically not until Wednesday, Rupert."
Rupert: "yeah but I got my first present on the weekend! Kellie couldn't wait to give me my new ball!!! I am SO happy. Someone......I said SOMEONE chewed all the nubs off my last one and I was devastated! That old ball was with me from puppyhood. Now it is dead, you ruined it Leeroy."
Leeroy: "I'm sorry, man, I got lost in the moment."
Rupert: "Oh, we do with most of our toys but the ball was special to me."
Leeroy: "Well, there's a place we can see all of our toys that have passed on. It's REALLY cool, it's called and you can submit photos of toys you won the battle with! It's so fun, I visit the site all the time!"
Rupert: "That is my kind of toy graveyard! I'd love to meet alot of those dogs that play my kind of game!"
Leeroy: "Hey, did you see this week's painting? Look! It's "Cha Cha Chica!!" she is the sweetest little Chihuahua ever!"

Rupert: "That painting is like ten times bigger than her! What a fun piece! Her portrait takes up the whole canvas and she really pops from it!"
Leeroy: "I am in love with Chica, for real! Look at her beautiful eyes!"
Rupert: "No, I am in love with Chica, she's the one for me."
Leeroy: "I said it first, I love her MORE."
Rupert: "Well, it's MY birthday and I love her the MOST! She's mine!"
Leeroy: "Only for your birthday, though. Happy birthday, bro."


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