Rupert: "You all know how much we love summer, but Kellie has some special pricing to make you love summer too! There are a couple of sizes on special for commissions booked in July and August!"
Leeroy: "Cool...those are some nice big canvases too!"
Rupert: "While we are relaxin', Kellie is busy in her studio. She is already booking her last few spots for Christmas!"
Leeroy: " likes Christmas. I've only had one so far!"
Rupert: "Stay tuned also for some upcoming events and charities Doodle Dog Paintings will be participating in! Hey, like our logo?"
Leeroy: "Very nice! So is this week's painting!"
Rupert: "This one is called "Miss Maya". It was a wedding gift from one friend to the bride for her special day!"

Leeroy: "Super fun for celebrating!"
Rupert: "Speaking of celebrating, I am getting geared up to do some of my own!!! Remember what's coming up next week, Leeroy. Don't forget!"
Leeroy: "Oh yeah! I heard there will be cake!"
Rupert: "Let's go do some snooping!"
Leeroy: "See you all next week guys..."


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