....pet paintings redefined by kellie oliphant-burns, b.f.a. .... ...her Italian Greyhounds, Rupert and Leeroy, reporting... and Maybel too!!!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

BRRRRR....let's snap out of this cold!!

Leeroy: "Gosh, Rupert, I don't like this winter thing....it's my first winter and I just don't like the cold!"
Rupert: "Look, it's a fact of life here in Canada...at least we have each other to snuggle under the covers with! I have tried talking Kellie into hibernating but she reminded me that I would miss out on some food...so I've settled for long winter naps."

Leeroy: "Kellie is too busy to hibernate! Guess what - to help us snap out of this cold she is offering a special for commissions booked in March!!! Get her 24" x 30" size for $650 - that's a savings of $70!!!"
Rupert: "Wow! She doesn't often have specials..."
Leeroy: "Cause you cost too much to feed, hahaha."
Rupert: "Hey, who's sharing thier blanket with you? Wanna keep it that way?"
Leeroy: "Sorry...I know you are sensitive about your boyish figure....let's talk about a painting."
Rupert: "Perfect. We'd like to show you "Remember Montana" a beautiful memorial to a special dog."

Leeroy: "I really like Montana's thick fur coat...I wish I had fur like that...looks so nice and cozy."
Rupert: "I saw Kellie with tears in her eyes sometimes when she was painting this one. She told me that she is always honoured to paint peoples' pets and that it is extra emotional to work on memorials. I wish we could have met Montana."
Leeroy: "To see more of Kellie's artwork please visit www.doodledogpaintings.com - we hope to see you there. Stay warm!"

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Leeroy: "YeeHaw!! Oooops...sssshhhhhhhhhhhh...it's WAY past my bedtime and I shouldn't still be up! Rupert has been in bed sleeping for hours! He made me promise him not to talk about any doodle dogs without him so I thought, since I'm up, I'd remind everyone that Kellie paints horses too! I'm not breaking my promise, right? This big painting is called "Whoa, Johnny!". Johnny looks really strong and wild! Oh, yeah, and Kellie can paint all other pets too. Right now she is working on a cat painting as well as two more doggies. I've never met a horse before...do they like to play fetch?"

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy ValenTIMES Day!

Rupert: "Hope all of you have a day filled with love and romance! I am looking forward to an afternoon outing with Leeroy and Kellie to the local pet food store to find my true love...chicken jerky!"
Leeroy: "OK, OK, OK, OK....let's get to ME!! My painting is done! WOOHOO! It's called Leeroy Out Loud! It's me, it's me, it's me!"

Rupert: "You lucky dog...I guess Kellie loves you...but I still think she loves me a little more. After all, prints of MY painting are available to purchase in her boutique. I win!"
Leeroy: "Whatever gets you through the day, Rup. Happy Valentine's Day!"
Rupert: "Ditto."

Friday, February 8, 2008

Yippee! We LOVE Fridays!!!

Rupert: "Even though we both sleep in every day, we still enjoy our weekends!"
Leeroy: "Rupert always hogs the bed but that's alright because I am so excited I am having trouble sleeping...Kellie is almost finished her painting of me!!!"
Rupert: "I overheard there are other things brewing too....now people can get prints of her work? She has been working ALOT on the computer, I think there is a boutique she has now with Etsy!"
Leeroy: "A boutique? How fun!!! Did you see the painting I picked to profile this week?"
Rupert: "I love this one! Probrably because these two look like us!"

Leeroy: "It's Hank and Evelyn, our American Italian Greyhound friends! They have their own website too, lucky dogs! You can check out their site: www.hanknevelyn.org for daily pics!"
Rupert: "I love the bright colours they have for their background, and their expressions...Evelyn's a cutie (wink, wink)"
Leeroy: "Rupert, you're all about the ladies aren't you...."
Rupert: "Hey...I love food and sleep also...and being a doodleDOG!"
Leeroy: "Ok, my peeps...Look for a new post early next week. Kellie has some exciting stuff to show everyone. Her painting of me will be ready along with some other things she would like to surprise us with!!!"
Rupert: "See you all soon and enjoy some more artwork at Kellie's website www.doodleDOGpaintings.com !"