Leeroy: "YeeHaw!!'s WAY past my bedtime and I shouldn't still be up! Rupert has been in bed sleeping for hours! He made me promise him not to talk about any doodle dogs without him so I thought, since I'm up, I'd remind everyone that Kellie paints horses too! I'm not breaking my promise, right? This big painting is called "Whoa, Johnny!". Johnny looks really strong and wild! Oh, yeah, and Kellie can paint all other pets too. Right now she is working on a cat painting as well as two more doggies. I've never met a horse they like to play fetch?"


Such a delight to finally find a blog that speaks the language of some of my my best friends!
VERY cute.
Brandy Mallinson said…
It was sooo nice to meet Kellie and Leeroy today :) Beautiful artwork!!! Cant wait till we can get some art of Caliloka and Will ;)

<3 Brandy
doodledog said…
It was GREAT meeting you too! We will definitely have to meet up again to have our Iggies play together unrestrained! BIG hugs to Will and Caliloka!
Brandy Mallinson said…
Haha yes, iggy play dates would be HILARIOUS!!!!

<3 B

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