....pet paintings redefined by kellie oliphant-burns, b.f.a. .... ...her Italian Greyhounds, Rupert and Leeroy, reporting... and Maybel too!!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wanna Win?!

Rupert: "Yo! Dogz! Me and my Pawsee wanna let you know about a way for you to win a Doodle Dog Painting this spring!"
Leeroy: "Um..Gangster Ru, you are silly! Everyone, on May 8th, 2010 from 10 am to 4 pm get yourselves down to Bark & Fitz Kanata to visit Kellie painting onsite and to enter to win a 16"x16" custom commission headshot of YOUR PET!!!"
Maybel: "That's a big prize! There's also going some taste testings of some great natural pet foods and other prizes."
Rupert: "To enter the Doodle Dog Painting contest, you have to come in to the store and doodle on a ballot and leave your information...then at the end of the day a winner will be randomly drawn."
Leeroy: "I thought they were going to be painted!"
Rupert: "They will be painted but at the end of the day a winner's name is going to be picked...smarten up Weeboy!"
Maybel: "There's a chance I get to go with Kellie for the day!!!"
Rupert and Leeroy: "WHHHHAAATTT???"
Maybel: "Well, you two are all grown up now and I need to be supervised a lot more than you...and I've never been to the store yet so it's my turn!"
Leeroy: "You better bring us back some treats!!"
Rupert: "As long as there are treats no one gets hurt."
Maybel: "You got it boys. Hey, Rupert, this week's painting is of "Mick the Lick" and he has a silver chin just like you!"
Rupert: "He looks so distinguished...quite a gentleman I must say...."
Leeroy: "Mickey is a sweet soul, wise and gentle. His family loves him very much. He is deaf and almost blind but his eyes shine bright with love and happiness."
Maybel: "What a good boy! Here's to Mickey!"
Rupert: "We love him...and we would love for you to stop in and see Kellie and introduce yourselves and your pups! We will remind you again next week, ok?!"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So.....What's Up?

Rupert: "Hello peeps! We want to wish you a Happy Easter and let you know we are really in the spirit this year!"
Maybel: "Yes! It's an extra special holiday weekend because its somebunny's birthday this Monday!!!"
Leeroy: "MEEEEEEEE!!!! It's MY birthday!!! I am going to be THREE!!!"
Rupert: "Seems like just yesterday you came to live with us, little bro! You have really come out of your shell this past year....I am proud of you!"
Maybel: "I never had a birthday yet....mine's coming too next month so I can't wait to see what it's all about. I hear we get pancakes with bananas to start the day and then lots of other fun stuff to do and eat."
Leeroy: "Yah! And cause it's Easter too we get extra special treats! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Rupert: "Today's painting is very fitting since we are all bursting with excitement and glee...It's "Kinematic Keiko"!"
Leeroy: "It's whaaaaa? I remember we got to meet Keiko...he came over to our house before Kellie started his painting. What does Kineautomatic mean?"
Maybel: "It's kinematic ... it plays a role in physics and includes animal locomotion. Kinematics is the branch of classical mechanics that describes the motion of objects without consideration of the causes leading to the motion."
Rupert: "That's what I was going to say."
Leeroy: "Uh.....ok....Maybel, how did you get so smart? You are a lot younger than Rupert and I so I don't understand how you can be so smart already."
Maybel: "Oh, boys, you are so naive....us girlies are wise beyond our years....there are many things about me you don't know yet but I will let them reveal themselves in due time. Let's go you silly rabbits, the festivities have started so let's get hunting for some treats!"