....pet paintings redefined by kellie oliphant-burns, b.f.a. .... ...her Italian Greyhounds, Rupert and Leeroy, reporting... and Maybel too!!!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rupert:  "Hey, hey, hey!  Make sure to book your spot to have your fur family photo taken!  Bark & Fitz Westboro and Kanata have teamed up with Suzanne Bird for a "Fur in the Family" event.  Proceeds are going to Ottawa Therapy Dogs."
Leeroy:  "There are two dates for this, so if this Saturday doesn't work for you then you can book time for the next one!  Or even drop in to see what it is all about!"
Rupert:  "The goodie bags for those who book a session are great!  There is the chance at winning a $575 original painting of your pet by Doodle Dog Paintings!"
Leeroy:  "Kellie is also giving discount cards for her original artwork...."
Rupert:  "Sounds like a really fun time for a super cause!  Hope you can make it!"

Leeroy:  "Last year Kellie donated artwork at a Montreal art auction.  This week's painting is of the winner's Rhodesian Ridgeback, Riley."
Rupert:  "Say that three times fast..."
Leeroy:  "Rhodesian Ridgeback Riley, Rhodesian Ridgeback Riley, Rhodesian Ridgeback Riley."
Rupert:  "Ok, smarty pant....too bad that's not the title of the artwork, it's actually called "Riley Roo"."
Leeroy:  "Me likey....looks like he is coming right at ya."
Rupert:  "Also coming right at ya is the new Doodle Dog website!  It will be launched on Thursday, May 7th so make sure to check it out then!"
Leeroy:  "Yippee!  The sun is out, the grass is greening, the trees are budding and things are so fresh and new!"
Rupert:  "Woohoo!  Let's go enjoy that sunshine now!  'Til next time all!  Woohoo!"

Friday, April 10, 2009

Hoppy Bunny Day To You All!

Rupert:  "Hoppy Easter everyone!  Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!"

Leeroy:  "Yay!  A long weekend AND treats - how can we go wrong?"
Rupert:  "That's right, but remember NO CHOCOLATE for us...it is toxic to our systems!"
Leeroy:  "Oh, well...there's LOTS of other treats that we can have and I can't wait."
Rupert:  "Speaking of chocolate, look at this painting...it's "Classic Cocoa" the dachshund!  She is a wee girl with gorgeous colouring."
Leeroy:  "Now that's a kind of chocolate we can enjoy!"

Rupert:  "Good one, bro.....the background coordinates with her owner's decor!"
Leeroy:  "Cool!  Hey, know what else is cool.  Kellie is on Twitter now - does anyone want to follow?  There are so many talented and unique people to find and meet and chat with."
Rupert:  "So much to do this weekend!  Bunnies and treats and tweets and walks and naps and car rides and visiting and licking and...."
Leeroy:  "Whoa, boy!  Calm down, one thing at a time!"
Rupert:  "Hey, I can multi-task!"
Leeroy:  "Well, I have see you eat more than one thing at a time...so I guess you can."
Rupert:  "You got it.  Have a great long weekend everyone!"
Leeroy:  "Tweet, tweet, tweet!"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring It ON!!!

Rupert:  "Spring is here and the warm weather is finally on it's way!!!  I can feel it, I can feel it!"
Leeroy:  "Spring is the bestest time of year!!!  'Cause we gots more sun and for another very important reason...."
Rupert:  "Yah, 'cause we will go back to the dog park soon!"
Leeroy:  "Yes, but I was thinking of something else..."
Rupert:  ""Cause our walks are longer!"
Leeroy:  "Um, yes, but still not the VERY IMPORTANT time of year....FOR ME...a SPECIAL day....FOR ME!!"
Rupert:  "What...are you starting your heartworm meds early?"
Leeroy:  "COME ON!!! NOOOOOOO....."
Rupert:  "Hmmm, well, I can't think of a single other thing..."
Rupert:  "I know, I know...I was just pulling your leg....it's so funny watching you squirm!  Hahahaha!"
Leeroy:  "That's not nice.  You have to promise to be nice to me on my birthday or I won't share any treats with you!"
Rupert:  "Who says you are getting any treats?!"
Leeroy:  "Listen, big meanie, I saw Kellie getting some stuff ready this week.  Plus, she already told me I had to be patient and wait for my special day for my special stuff."
Rupert:  "Heehee....ok, squirmie!"
Leeroy:  "Hey, did you see the new stuff Kellie has posted on ETSY?"
Rupert:  "Duh...I posed with the paintings, so yes I did."
Leeroy:  "Well, some people are going to get great deals on some original artwork!"
Rupert:  "Kellie is also redesigning her website this month and is excited to get it up and running by the end of April."
Leeroy:  "Ok, peeps, the artwork featured this week is the adorable "Molly Mae I?!" and is of a fawn pug gal that makes my heart go pitter-pat!"
Rupert:  "She is stunning!  And look at her tongue!  I'd give her a kiss anyday!"
Leeroy:  "I love this blingin' little lady.  Since it's my birthday I think I should get the kiss!"
Rupert:  "Sure...make sure to wish for that when you blow out your candle."
Leeroy:  "I will for sure!  And I'll wish for sunshine, and treats, and toys, and fun!"
Rupert:  "You know what, some say you only get one wish but I say go for them all, little bro!  I can't wait to spend the day with you."
Leeroy:  "Now this is the Rupert I love!"
Rupert:  "Love you too little man, see you all again soon!"
Leeroy:  "Bye for now from the birthday boy!"