Spring It ON!!!

Rupert:  "Spring is here and the warm weather is finally on it's way!!!  I can feel it, I can feel it!"
Leeroy:  "Spring is the bestest time of year!!!  'Cause we gots more sun and for another very important reason...."
Rupert:  "Yah, 'cause we will go back to the dog park soon!"
Leeroy:  "Yes, but I was thinking of something else..."
Rupert:  ""Cause our walks are longer!"
Leeroy:  "Um, yes, but still not the VERY IMPORTANT time of year....FOR ME...a SPECIAL day....FOR ME!!"
Rupert:  "What...are you starting your heartworm meds early?"
Leeroy:  "COME ON!!! NOOOOOOO....."
Rupert:  "Hmmm, well, I can't think of a single other thing..."
Rupert:  "I know, I know...I was just pulling your leg....it's so funny watching you squirm!  Hahahaha!"
Leeroy:  "That's not nice.  You have to promise to be nice to me on my birthday or I won't share any treats with you!"
Rupert:  "Who says you are getting any treats?!"
Leeroy:  "Listen, big meanie, I saw Kellie getting some stuff ready this week.  Plus, she already told me I had to be patient and wait for my special day for my special stuff."
Rupert:  "Heehee....ok, squirmie!"
Leeroy:  "Hey, did you see the new stuff Kellie has posted on ETSY?"
Rupert:  "Duh...I posed with the paintings, so yes I did."
Leeroy:  "Well, some people are going to get great deals on some original artwork!"
Rupert:  "Kellie is also redesigning her website this month and is excited to get it up and running by the end of April."
Leeroy:  "Ok, peeps, the artwork featured this week is the adorable "Molly Mae I?!" and is of a fawn pug gal that makes my heart go pitter-pat!"
Rupert:  "She is stunning!  And look at her tongue!  I'd give her a kiss anyday!"
Leeroy:  "I love this blingin' little lady.  Since it's my birthday I think I should get the kiss!"
Rupert:  "Sure...make sure to wish for that when you blow out your candle."
Leeroy:  "I will for sure!  And I'll wish for sunshine, and treats, and toys, and fun!"
Rupert:  "You know what, some say you only get one wish but I say go for them all, little bro!  I can't wait to spend the day with you."
Leeroy:  "Now this is the Rupert I love!"
Rupert:  "Love you too little man, see you all again soon!"
Leeroy:  "Bye for now from the birthday boy!"


Liz Kerrison said…
Happy Birthday Leeroy!!
Kelly - let me know when your website is relaunched and I will post about it on the blog!

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