Rupert:  "Hey, hey, hey!  Make sure to book your spot to have your fur family photo taken!  Bark & Fitz Westboro and Kanata have teamed up with Suzanne Bird for a "Fur in the Family" event.  Proceeds are going to Ottawa Therapy Dogs."
Leeroy:  "There are two dates for this, so if this Saturday doesn't work for you then you can book time for the next one!  Or even drop in to see what it is all about!"
Rupert:  "The goodie bags for those who book a session are great!  There is the chance at winning a $575 original painting of your pet by Doodle Dog Paintings!"
Leeroy:  "Kellie is also giving discount cards for her original artwork...."
Rupert:  "Sounds like a really fun time for a super cause!  Hope you can make it!"

Leeroy:  "Last year Kellie donated artwork at a Montreal art auction.  This week's painting is of the winner's Rhodesian Ridgeback, Riley."
Rupert:  "Say that three times fast..."
Leeroy:  "Rhodesian Ridgeback Riley, Rhodesian Ridgeback Riley, Rhodesian Ridgeback Riley."
Rupert:  "Ok, smarty pant....too bad that's not the title of the artwork, it's actually called "Riley Roo"."
Leeroy:  "Me likey....looks like he is coming right at ya."
Rupert:  "Also coming right at ya is the new Doodle Dog website!  It will be launched on Thursday, May 7th so make sure to check it out then!"
Leeroy:  "Yippee!  The sun is out, the grass is greening, the trees are budding and things are so fresh and new!"
Rupert:  "Woohoo!  Let's go enjoy that sunshine now!  'Til next time all!  Woohoo!"


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