....pet paintings redefined by kellie oliphant-burns, b.f.a. .... ...her Italian Greyhounds, Rupert and Leeroy, reporting... and Maybel too!!!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Come Join us on Facebook! Woof woof wheeeeeee!

Rupert: "If you would like to see more Doodle DOGs and some more about us please visit us on the DOODLE DOG facebook page by clicking here! "
Leeroy: "The studio is buzzing with paintings, prints and even wearable art so please make sure to keep up to date by joining us on Facebook."
Maybel: "We now have less time to blog here and miss you all! The DOODLE DOG Facebook page is updated often and lets you in on what is up!"

Monday, August 23, 2010

Bad dogs!

Rupert: "Boy, have we been BAAAAADDDDD!!! We have been missing you all and sorry we have been so busy playing outside in this awesome summer weather!"
Leeroy: "We are always going to the dogpark and soaking up the sun as much as we can. This summer I learned to go in the pool all by myself when I get hot!"
Maybel: "I can run so fast and I love to be splashed in the pool!"
Leeroy: "I don't like the splashing so much but I will get my feet wet to cool off."
Maybel: "You chicken!!!"
Leeroy: "Hey! At least I get in the pool on my own....Kellie has to carry and place Rupert in it!"
Rupert: "Don't get me involved in your bickering, guys! I am busy sniffing, making spit bubbles and peeing on things.....I have to keep this park in order, you know!"
Maybel: "Whatever, big guy...I am just glad we all get to go there together and run freeeeeeee!!"
Leeroy: "As summer winds down we will do our best to post more often. We love to tell you our stories and share artwork with you that is coming out of the Doodle Dog studio."
Rupert: "This post's painting is called "Brilliant Bacchus" a silver standard poodle that is so friendly and playful. It's hard to see in the photo of the painting but there are even silver metallic paints used in his portrait that catch the light and add to the depth of the piece."
Leeroy: "Depth of the piece? Wow, Rupert, you are really an artsy fartsy today! You must have found some time this summer to learn some art stuff."
Maybel: "Yeah, Rupert...I did catch you reading the pages of the book in Kellie's studio that I got caught chewing on....I am glad I was so helpful!"
Rupert: "You know, it wouldn't hurt you two to brush up on art theory....we are supposed to be Kellie's assistants!"
Leeroy: "Brush up...hahaha....like paint brush up....oh, I am so funny! I think one thing we need to do to help her is to make sure to post more often!"
Maybel: "We better! See you all again soon...now we're off to the park!"

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice......Sweet!

Rupert: "Ahhhhhhh....summer is finally here and outside time is so heavenly. We need to absorb as much of this summer sun as we can!"
Leeroy: "Sure do! We get more walk time, sunbathing time, and grass napping time in the summer. This is the best!"
Maybel: "I think I really like this summer thing! I didn't know you could just lie outside and relax! You boys are pretty fun to hang out with.....I really feel like I am home."
Rupert: "Aw, Maybel, glad you are happy. Leeroy and I love having a girl in the pack, even if you still don't know all the rules of the house."
Maybel: "But....aren't rules made to be broken?"
Leeroy: "Maybel, that's why we love ya! You are our kind of girl!"
Rupert: "You bring out the naughty in us....mwahahahaha!"
Maybel: "Hold up, Rupert, you are getting that crazy look in your eyes....."
Leeroy: "Anyways....while Maybel fends herself against dirty dog over there I want to show you this painting Kellie completed a couple of months ago. It's called "The Talented Mister Man" and is a memorial painting of Ripple, a wonderful Portuguese Water Dog. He is missed like crazy and was such a smart, loveable and regal boy."
Leeroy: "Hmmmm.....Maybel and Rupert seem to have disappeared.....they better not be doing anything bad.......I better go check on them....I may be small but I am scrappy and Maybel probably needs me to help her with Rupert. I am not sure why he has to be so dirty.....I think he just forgets his manners sometimes and needs a reality check. Happy summer solstice everybody! Grab every sunny moment that you can.....love you all!"

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Girl and her Pearls.....and some Bling doesn't Hurt!

Maybel: "Hello everybody! Today I turn one year old! It's my birthday! It's my first one and Rupert and Leeroy have been telling me all of the stuff that is going to happen...I am very excited!
This morning I woke up to lots of kisses and belly rubs and a pancake breakfast with peanut butter and bananas on top! Scrumptious! Then we all went outside for playtime and I got to roll on some worms. Kellie said that wasn't part of the plan but I thought it was a great surprise!
Then we came back in and I had a PUPsicle and there was my first wrapped presie ever for me to open....I didn't know what to do with the paper but Rupert and Leeroy showed me. They seemed disappointed that there was a pink pearl necklace in it with a blingy dog bone charm but my eyes lit up!!! I get to wear my pearls all day and tell the boys what to do....this is fun!
Tonight I heard there is cake and another presie...this time I will tackle the wrapping paper myself. We are also going to the dog park to visit some friends. Yay, I need to have birthdays more often!
Oh, yes, and for my birthday I have picked Kellie's painting called "Catching Keyser" to show you. It's a big painting and is of a very smart boy who can even say "I Love You"....

Well, Keyser, I love YOU! You are painted chasing one of your favorite tennis balls and you look beyond happy! I love to run and chase and smile too! Maybe someday we can meet and chase things together!
I hope everyone has as super a day as I have been having! I am feeling so safe and blissful in my forever home....I even jumped up into my human dad's lap this weekend and chased him at the park! He isn't so bad! I think I will love him too.....Bye for now and keep on wagging!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wanna Win?!

Rupert: "Yo! Dogz! Me and my Pawsee wanna let you know about a way for you to win a Doodle Dog Painting this spring!"
Leeroy: "Um..Gangster Ru, you are silly! Everyone, on May 8th, 2010 from 10 am to 4 pm get yourselves down to Bark & Fitz Kanata to visit Kellie painting onsite and to enter to win a 16"x16" custom commission headshot of YOUR PET!!!"
Maybel: "That's a big prize! There's also going some taste testings of some great natural pet foods and other prizes."
Rupert: "To enter the Doodle Dog Painting contest, you have to come in to the store and doodle on a ballot and leave your information...then at the end of the day a winner will be randomly drawn."
Leeroy: "I thought they were going to be painted!"
Rupert: "They will be painted but at the end of the day a winner's name is going to be picked...smarten up Weeboy!"
Maybel: "There's a chance I get to go with Kellie for the day!!!"
Rupert and Leeroy: "WHHHHAAATTT???"
Maybel: "Well, you two are all grown up now and I need to be supervised a lot more than you...and I've never been to the store yet so it's my turn!"
Leeroy: "You better bring us back some treats!!"
Rupert: "As long as there are treats no one gets hurt."
Maybel: "You got it boys. Hey, Rupert, this week's painting is of "Mick the Lick" and he has a silver chin just like you!"
Rupert: "He looks so distinguished...quite a gentleman I must say...."
Leeroy: "Mickey is a sweet soul, wise and gentle. His family loves him very much. He is deaf and almost blind but his eyes shine bright with love and happiness."
Maybel: "What a good boy! Here's to Mickey!"
Rupert: "We love him...and we would love for you to stop in and see Kellie and introduce yourselves and your pups! We will remind you again next week, ok?!"

Saturday, April 3, 2010

So.....What's Up?

Rupert: "Hello peeps! We want to wish you a Happy Easter and let you know we are really in the spirit this year!"
Maybel: "Yes! It's an extra special holiday weekend because its somebunny's birthday this Monday!!!"
Leeroy: "MEEEEEEEE!!!! It's MY birthday!!! I am going to be THREE!!!"
Rupert: "Seems like just yesterday you came to live with us, little bro! You have really come out of your shell this past year....I am proud of you!"
Maybel: "I never had a birthday yet....mine's coming too next month so I can't wait to see what it's all about. I hear we get pancakes with bananas to start the day and then lots of other fun stuff to do and eat."
Leeroy: "Yah! And cause it's Easter too we get extra special treats! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Rupert: "Today's painting is very fitting since we are all bursting with excitement and glee...It's "Kinematic Keiko"!"
Leeroy: "It's whaaaaa? I remember we got to meet Keiko...he came over to our house before Kellie started his painting. What does Kineautomatic mean?"
Maybel: "It's kinematic ... it plays a role in physics and includes animal locomotion. Kinematics is the branch of classical mechanics that describes the motion of objects without consideration of the causes leading to the motion."
Rupert: "That's what I was going to say."
Leeroy: "Uh.....ok....Maybel, how did you get so smart? You are a lot younger than Rupert and I so I don't understand how you can be so smart already."
Maybel: "Oh, boys, you are so naive....us girlies are wise beyond our years....there are many things about me you don't know yet but I will let them reveal themselves in due time. Let's go you silly rabbits, the festivities have started so let's get hunting for some treats!"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Me Time...ahhhhhhh!

Rupert: "Well, it's just me here today...Leeroy and Maybel are off snuggling in their favorite studio chair so that leaves ALL of the bed to MMMMEEEEEE! I can stretch out until my legs dangle off the edge, I don't get kicked or pushed or squashed into a corner, I get ALL of the covers and the silence is....well.....maybe it's a little too quiet. Don't tell Leeroy I said that, cause he already told me I couldn't survive without him and I don't want him to know he might be right!
Anyhoo, more time alone has given me time to reflect...I will be turning six this summer and time waits for no dog. I have a lot of plans coming up and am very excited to watch them unfold.
At the end of April, Kellie will be painting onsite in Kanata! She will have more details for us soon, but I think it is going to be on the 24th and people that come to see her will have a chance to win a portrait of their pet valued at $575! She hasn't decided what she will be painting that weekend yet, so if you have any suggestions just let us know!
This week's painting is "Kelly's Keepsake & Dickens' Dream". Beautiful Kelly is no longer with us but her best friend Dickens is. I know that they miss each other so much but Dickens is a big, brave boy with a heart of gold. This was a surprise painting from husband to wife! I hope that Kellie's artwork brings them much comfort and happiness.
I think I better go check in on Leeroy and Maybel now....you know, because they may need me.....I'll tell them I will share the bed for a little while with them...or ask them if they can share the studio chair with me. Make sure to give your loved ones and extra bit of loving this week because you never know when your next chance will be to do that. Love you all!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Waiting for spring...are you here yet???

Rupert: "Thank goodness we were able to find this sunspot today....we are beyond having cabin fever and can't wait for spring!"
Leeroy: "I think you are hogging the sunspot just a little, Rup....your portly body is interfering with my rays!"
Maybel: "I'm just happy to be here...I'm not even going to complain."
Rupert: "PORTLY body? What do you mean???!"
Leeroy: "You know....stout, round, rotund, heavy...shall I continue?"
Rupert: "You little brat...how dare you call me fat! It's just my winter weight to help keep me warm!"
Leeroy: "Hey, I never said "fat"...but I can if you want me to..."
Maybel: "Boys! BOYS!!! Don't get me started on my self esteem issues about weight...Leeroy, you be nice to Rupert and Rupert, shove over a little to the right, please..."
Rupert: "Fine.....you two just remember that I was here first...and I am SHARING the sunspot with you."
Leeroy: "Sure, sure....let's move on and talk about today's artwork from Kellie's studio. This is "Zingy Zim" and he is the most loving and playful Rottweiler you'll ever meet! Kellie got to visit him in person. He is a big sweet boy and this painting was a surprise gift for his Papa from his Mama!"
Maybel: "So, the splashing backgrounds work on smaller square canvases too?"
Rupert: "Yup - have you seen Kellie paint these?"
Maybel: "Not yet, why?"
Rupert: "Cause it's really neat - she actually has a room all tarped off and lays the canvas down on the ground so she can whip the paint around. Sometimes she has to start over on new canvases just to get the mood and feeling right in the way the splashes go down."
Maybel: "Mood? Feeling? But it's just paint..."
Leeroy: "Don't let Kellie hear you say that! You will soon learn that paint is an extension of an artist's means to express...you can tell alot about what an artist is feeling or thinking in the paint."
Maybel: "I think I have some learning to do! I will have to watch her more closely and ask lots of questions."
Rupert: "Good idea, but maybe don't get so close...the last time you did you ended up taste testing the paint, remember? That's a big "no no" here. You sure looked funny with a dollop of turquoise on your snout!"
Maybel: "Hey....maybe you should not only shove over a little to the right, Rupert but you should shove yourself right off the edge of the chair.."
Leeroy: "Get him, sis, GET HIM!!!"
Rupert: "Now, now, everyone stay calm...let's call a truce and soak up as much of this sun as we can...we can't let it go to waste. See you next time everyone!"

Friday, February 5, 2010

One Month of Maybel....

Leeroy: "We are loving every minute we have with you, Maybel. You are awesome to snuggle with and to play with and to bark with. I can't believe you've been with us for a month now!"
Maybel: "Thank you! I do my bestest! I am SO happy to have my forever home...I never knew life could be so fun. My heart does hurt some though..."
Leeroy: "Oh! NO! Why, my sis?"
Maybel: "Well, my only brother Valentino and two of my sisters Clarisa and Serafina are still waiting for their forever homes....I hope one day soon they can be as happy as I am. I know I am a bit of work, and I am very shy and not sure what all the rules are, just like them but my wish is for my siblings to have their turn to get super homes."
Leeroy: "I am sorry you are sad, Maybel....I met them when we went to visit you and we hope that they get great homes too. Here's a shout out to ANYONE who can give Maybel's brother and sisters a good home, please!!! The shelter they are at are willing to adopt out of state or, even in our case, even into Canada to the right home! Come one everybody, let your friends know and tell the world!"
Maybel: "Wouldn't that be wonderful to hear that they get their homes soon and then they can stay in touch with us?!"
Leeroy: "I HAS to happen! Are you ok with being in Canada now? It's cold, eh?"
Maybel: "Just a wee bit...I have never seen so much snow before. I think I have cabin fever...."
Leeroy: "This week's painting is of "The WinterLand Boys; Oscar & Watson". They are fellow canadians and are painted outside playing in the snow!"
Maybel: "The background is neat! Modern and clean, black and white...it makes it a classic!"
Leeroy: "Sounds like you are an arteest at heart! No wonder why you found your way here."
Maybel: "I like to try to take Kellie's paint brushes....maybe someday she will teach me how to paint!"
Leeroy: "Now THAT I have to see!"

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Three's Company!!!

Maybel: "Hello there...um...I am new here and....um....I just wanted to say "Hi!". Rupert and Leeroy are my new brothers and I am settling into my new home. I came from Ohio....I guess I am a canadian now...um....I was in a shelter and Kellie adopted me. They told me I am in my forever home...I think this means that I won't be in a shelter anymore and that I don't need to be scared of being alone."
"My new favorite thing over the last few days is sleeping UNDER thick blankets like my brothers do. They are really good at it so it didn't take long for me to learn how! I also love running around and am mastering how to jump up on the couch - wheeeeeee! It's like I can fly! I am still not sure about wearing stuff around my neck or about where I should be doing my "business" but everyone here says it's ok and I will get it in time."
"Oh, yeah - I am supposed to tell you about some artwork too - this piece is called "The Berner Girls!" The three BGs live in Michigan with a fantastic mom and dad. The girls are Trina, Brookie and Skye and we all hope that we will get the chance to meet them someday soon. I guess they are alot bigger than me and they have lots of fur...um....I don't have much fur....so it would be good to snuggle with them! Haha - it would be the three BGs and the three IGs..."
"Thank you all for being so nice and...um....listening to me.....I hope to talk to you all lots more. I have to go and play now....there are so many toys to choose from....Bye bye!"