One Month of Maybel....

Leeroy: "We are loving every minute we have with you, Maybel. You are awesome to snuggle with and to play with and to bark with. I can't believe you've been with us for a month now!"
Maybel: "Thank you! I do my bestest! I am SO happy to have my forever home...I never knew life could be so fun. My heart does hurt some though..."
Leeroy: "Oh! NO! Why, my sis?"
Maybel: "Well, my only brother Valentino and two of my sisters Clarisa and Serafina are still waiting for their forever homes....I hope one day soon they can be as happy as I am. I know I am a bit of work, and I am very shy and not sure what all the rules are, just like them but my wish is for my siblings to have their turn to get super homes."
Leeroy: "I am sorry you are sad, Maybel....I met them when we went to visit you and we hope that they get great homes too. Here's a shout out to ANYONE who can give Maybel's brother and sisters a good home, please!!! The shelter they are at are willing to adopt out of state or, even in our case, even into Canada to the right home! Come one everybody, let your friends know and tell the world!"
Maybel: "Wouldn't that be wonderful to hear that they get their homes soon and then they can stay in touch with us?!"
Leeroy: "I HAS to happen! Are you ok with being in Canada now? It's cold, eh?"
Maybel: "Just a wee bit...I have never seen so much snow before. I think I have cabin fever...."
Leeroy: "This week's painting is of "The WinterLand Boys; Oscar & Watson". They are fellow canadians and are painted outside playing in the snow!"
Maybel: "The background is neat! Modern and clean, black and makes it a classic!"
Leeroy: "Sounds like you are an arteest at heart! No wonder why you found your way here."
Maybel: "I like to try to take Kellie's paint brushes....maybe someday she will teach me how to paint!"
Leeroy: "Now THAT I have to see!"


Brandy Mallinson said…
OMG I am in LOVE with Sapheina (sp?)!!!!! What a gorgeous iggy face!!!!! Damn these bad but oh soooo cute and sweet pups!

<3 B
Anonymous said…
Serafina, Clarisa, and Valentino send their thanks for letting people know they need homes! They are waiting!

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