Bad dogs!

Rupert: "Boy, have we been BAAAAADDDDD!!! We have been missing you all and sorry we have been so busy playing outside in this awesome summer weather!"
Leeroy: "We are always going to the dogpark and soaking up the sun as much as we can. This summer I learned to go in the pool all by myself when I get hot!"
Maybel: "I can run so fast and I love to be splashed in the pool!"
Leeroy: "I don't like the splashing so much but I will get my feet wet to cool off."
Maybel: "You chicken!!!"
Leeroy: "Hey! At least I get in the pool on my own....Kellie has to carry and place Rupert in it!"
Rupert: "Don't get me involved in your bickering, guys! I am busy sniffing, making spit bubbles and peeing on things.....I have to keep this park in order, you know!"
Maybel: "Whatever, big guy...I am just glad we all get to go there together and run freeeeeeee!!"
Leeroy: "As summer winds down we will do our best to post more often. We love to tell you our stories and share artwork with you that is coming out of the Doodle Dog studio."
Rupert: "This post's painting is called "Brilliant Bacchus" a silver standard poodle that is so friendly and playful. It's hard to see in the photo of the painting but there are even silver metallic paints used in his portrait that catch the light and add to the depth of the piece."
Leeroy: "Depth of the piece? Wow, Rupert, you are really an artsy fartsy today! You must have found some time this summer to learn some art stuff."
Maybel: "Yeah, Rupert...I did catch you reading the pages of the book in Kellie's studio that I got caught chewing on....I am glad I was so helpful!"
Rupert: "You know, it wouldn't hurt you two to brush up on art theory....we are supposed to be Kellie's assistants!"
Leeroy: "Brush paint brush up....oh, I am so funny! I think one thing we need to do to help her is to make sure to post more often!"
Maybel: "We better! See you all again we're off to the park!"


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