Waiting for spring...are you here yet???

Rupert: "Thank goodness we were able to find this sunspot today....we are beyond having cabin fever and can't wait for spring!"
Leeroy: "I think you are hogging the sunspot just a little, Rup....your portly body is interfering with my rays!"
Maybel: "I'm just happy to be here...I'm not even going to complain."
Rupert: "PORTLY body? What do you mean???!"
Leeroy: "You know....stout, round, rotund, heavy...shall I continue?"
Rupert: "You little brat...how dare you call me fat! It's just my winter weight to help keep me warm!"
Leeroy: "Hey, I never said "fat"...but I can if you want me to..."
Maybel: "Boys! BOYS!!! Don't get me started on my self esteem issues about weight...Leeroy, you be nice to Rupert and Rupert, shove over a little to the right, please..."
Rupert: "Fine.....you two just remember that I was here first...and I am SHARING the sunspot with you."
Leeroy: "Sure, sure....let's move on and talk about today's artwork from Kellie's studio. This is "Zingy Zim" and he is the most loving and playful Rottweiler you'll ever meet! Kellie got to visit him in person. He is a big sweet boy and this painting was a surprise gift for his Papa from his Mama!"
Maybel: "So, the splashing backgrounds work on smaller square canvases too?"
Rupert: "Yup - have you seen Kellie paint these?"
Maybel: "Not yet, why?"
Rupert: "Cause it's really neat - she actually has a room all tarped off and lays the canvas down on the ground so she can whip the paint around. Sometimes she has to start over on new canvases just to get the mood and feeling right in the way the splashes go down."
Maybel: "Mood? Feeling? But it's just paint..."
Leeroy: "Don't let Kellie hear you say that! You will soon learn that paint is an extension of an artist's means to express...you can tell alot about what an artist is feeling or thinking in the paint."
Maybel: "I think I have some learning to do! I will have to watch her more closely and ask lots of questions."
Rupert: "Good idea, but maybe don't get so close...the last time you did you ended up taste testing the paint, remember? That's a big "no no" here. You sure looked funny with a dollop of turquoise on your snout!"
Maybel: "Hey....maybe you should not only shove over a little to the right, Rupert but you should shove yourself right off the edge of the chair.."
Leeroy: "Get him, sis, GET HIM!!!"
Rupert: "Now, now, everyone stay calm...let's call a truce and soak up as much of this sun as we can...we can't let it go to waste. See you next time everyone!"


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