A Girl and her Pearls.....and some Bling doesn't Hurt!

Maybel: "Hello everybody! Today I turn one year old! It's my birthday! It's my first one and Rupert and Leeroy have been telling me all of the stuff that is going to happen...I am very excited!
This morning I woke up to lots of kisses and belly rubs and a pancake breakfast with peanut butter and bananas on top! Scrumptious! Then we all went outside for playtime and I got to roll on some worms. Kellie said that wasn't part of the plan but I thought it was a great surprise!
Then we came back in and I had a PUPsicle and there was my first wrapped presie ever for me to open....I didn't know what to do with the paper but Rupert and Leeroy showed me. They seemed disappointed that there was a pink pearl necklace in it with a blingy dog bone charm but my eyes lit up!!! I get to wear my pearls all day and tell the boys what to do....this is fun!
Tonight I heard there is cake and another presie...this time I will tackle the wrapping paper myself. We are also going to the dog park to visit some friends. Yay, I need to have birthdays more often!
Oh, yes, and for my birthday I have picked Kellie's painting called "Catching Keyser" to show you. It's a big painting and is of a very smart boy who can even say "I Love You"....

Well, Keyser, I love YOU! You are painted chasing one of your favorite tennis balls and you look beyond happy! I love to run and chase and smile too! Maybe someday we can meet and chase things together!
I hope everyone has as super a day as I have been having! I am feeling so safe and blissful in my forever home....I even jumped up into my human dad's lap this weekend and chased him at the park! He isn't so bad! I think I will love him too.....Bye for now and keep on wagging!"


Anne Good said…
Happy Birthday Maybel! Doggy kisses from Zoey, Leroy and Stella!
Linda704 said…
Happy birthday, Maybel! I love your birthday portrait. Shows off what a beauty you are! Kisses from Hayley, Abbey & Oreo, too! :)

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