Summer Solstice......Sweet!

Rupert: "Ahhhhhhh....summer is finally here and outside time is so heavenly. We need to absorb as much of this summer sun as we can!"
Leeroy: "Sure do! We get more walk time, sunbathing time, and grass napping time in the summer. This is the best!"
Maybel: "I think I really like this summer thing! I didn't know you could just lie outside and relax! You boys are pretty fun to hang out with.....I really feel like I am home."
Rupert: "Aw, Maybel, glad you are happy. Leeroy and I love having a girl in the pack, even if you still don't know all the rules of the house."
Maybel: "But....aren't rules made to be broken?"
Leeroy: "Maybel, that's why we love ya! You are our kind of girl!"
Rupert: "You bring out the naughty in us....mwahahahaha!"
Maybel: "Hold up, Rupert, you are getting that crazy look in your eyes....."
Leeroy: "Anyways....while Maybel fends herself against dirty dog over there I want to show you this painting Kellie completed a couple of months ago. It's called "The Talented Mister Man" and is a memorial painting of Ripple, a wonderful Portuguese Water Dog. He is missed like crazy and was such a smart, loveable and regal boy."
Leeroy: "Hmmmm.....Maybel and Rupert seem to have disappeared.....they better not be doing anything bad.......I better go check on them....I may be small but I am scrappy and Maybel probably needs me to help her with Rupert. I am not sure why he has to be so dirty.....I think he just forgets his manners sometimes and needs a reality check. Happy summer solstice everybody! Grab every sunny moment that you you all!"


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