So.....What's Up?

Rupert: "Hello peeps! We want to wish you a Happy Easter and let you know we are really in the spirit this year!"
Maybel: "Yes! It's an extra special holiday weekend because its somebunny's birthday this Monday!!!"
Leeroy: "MEEEEEEEE!!!! It's MY birthday!!! I am going to be THREE!!!"
Rupert: "Seems like just yesterday you came to live with us, little bro! You have really come out of your shell this past year....I am proud of you!"
Maybel: "I never had a birthday yet....mine's coming too next month so I can't wait to see what it's all about. I hear we get pancakes with bananas to start the day and then lots of other fun stuff to do and eat."
Leeroy: "Yah! And cause it's Easter too we get extra special treats! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
Rupert: "Today's painting is very fitting since we are all bursting with excitement and glee...It's "Kinematic Keiko"!"
Leeroy: "It's whaaaaa? I remember we got to meet Keiko...he came over to our house before Kellie started his painting. What does Kineautomatic mean?"
Maybel: "It's kinematic ... it plays a role in physics and includes animal locomotion. Kinematics is the branch of classical mechanics that describes the motion of objects without consideration of the causes leading to the motion."
Rupert: "That's what I was going to say."
Leeroy: "Uh.....ok....Maybel, how did you get so smart? You are a lot younger than Rupert and I so I don't understand how you can be so smart already."
Maybel: "Oh, boys, you are so girlies are wise beyond our years....there are many things about me you don't know yet but I will let them reveal themselves in due time. Let's go you silly rabbits, the festivities have started so let's get hunting for some treats!"


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