Hoppy Bunny Day To You All!

Rupert:  "Hoppy Easter everyone!  Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you!"

Leeroy:  "Yay!  A long weekend AND treats - how can we go wrong?"
Rupert:  "That's right, but remember NO CHOCOLATE for us...it is toxic to our systems!"
Leeroy:  "Oh, well...there's LOTS of other treats that we can have and I can't wait."
Rupert:  "Speaking of chocolate, look at this painting...it's "Classic Cocoa" the dachshund!  She is a wee girl with gorgeous colouring."
Leeroy:  "Now that's a kind of chocolate we can enjoy!"

Rupert:  "Good one, bro.....the background coordinates with her owner's decor!"
Leeroy:  "Cool!  Hey, know what else is cool.  Kellie is on Twitter now - does anyone want to follow?  There are so many talented and unique people to find and meet and chat with."
Rupert:  "So much to do this weekend!  Bunnies and treats and tweets and walks and naps and car rides and visiting and licking and...."
Leeroy:  "Whoa, boy!  Calm down, one thing at a time!"
Rupert:  "Hey, I can multi-task!"
Leeroy:  "Well, I have see you eat more than one thing at a time...so I guess you can."
Rupert:  "You got it.  Have a great long weekend everyone!"
Leeroy:  "Tweet, tweet, tweet!"


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