Happy ValenTIMES Day!

Rupert: "Hope all of you have a day filled with love and romance! I am looking forward to an afternoon outing with Leeroy and Kellie to the local pet food store to find my true love...chicken jerky!"
Leeroy: "OK, OK, OK, OK....let's get to ME!! My painting is done! WOOHOO! It's called Leeroy Out Loud! It's me, it's me, it's me!"

Rupert: "You lucky dog...I guess Kellie loves you...but I still think she loves me a little more. After all, prints of MY painting are available to purchase in her boutique. I win!"
Leeroy: "Whatever gets you through the day, Rup. Happy Valentine's Day!"
Rupert: "Ditto."


Teri said…
Hi Kellie - what a fabulous painging for Leeroy! I love the Jackson Pollock inspiration. WOW! From TAC
doodledog said…
Thank you, Teri!!! We love you - sending big hugs!

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