Yippee! We LOVE Fridays!!!

Rupert: "Even though we both sleep in every day, we still enjoy our weekends!"
Leeroy: "Rupert always hogs the bed but that's alright because I am so excited I am having trouble sleeping...Kellie is almost finished her painting of me!!!"
Rupert: "I overheard there are other things brewing too....now people can get prints of her work? She has been working ALOT on the computer, I think there is a boutique she has now with Etsy!"
Leeroy: "A boutique? How fun!!! Did you see the painting I picked to profile this week?"
Rupert: "I love this one! Probrably because these two look like us!"

Leeroy: "It's Hank and Evelyn, our American Italian Greyhound friends! They have their own website too, lucky dogs! You can check out their site: www.hanknevelyn.org for daily pics!"
Rupert: "I love the bright colours they have for their background, and their expressions...Evelyn's a cutie (wink, wink)"
Leeroy: "Rupert, you're all about the ladies aren't you...."
Rupert: "Hey...I love food and sleep also...and being a doodleDOG!"
Leeroy: "Ok, my peeps...Look for a new post early next week. Kellie has some exciting stuff to show everyone. Her painting of me will be ready along with some other things she would like to surprise us with!!!"
Rupert: "See you all soon and enjoy some more artwork at Kellie's website www.doodleDOGpaintings.com !"


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