We LOVE summer! Yippeeeeee!!!

Rupert: "Summer is our absolute FAVORITE time of year! I just can't contain myself!"
Leeroy: "We have been busy! And enjoying the sunshine!"
Rupert: "I still have dreams about Woofstock. There were so many other dogs and treats and things to sniff. We will definitely go again next year."

Leeroy: "We saw LOTS of other iggies like us and I even met my brother Dasher! In the photo below, he is on the left and I am on the right. Turns out I was the runt of the litter....Dash is alot bigger than me."

Rupert: "I was the biggest iggy! Yippee! I win!"
Leeroy: "It was a contest?"
Rupert: "Dunno.....what I do know is that I felt like royalty all weekend! We stayed in the King Edward hotel and were pampered! We had our own gift bags, bowls brought to the room and could wander the halls whenever we wanted! Kellie even let me wear her slippers! The bathrobe was too big though...."

Leeroy: "The California king was the perfect size for sleeping in! We had such a fun time!"
Rupert: "I liked the revolving glass door in the lobby - wheeeeeee, it went round and round and round!"
Leeroy: "Hey, this week's painting is "Fiesty Fritz!" - he lives in Toronto. We kept an eye out for him at Woofstock but we didn't get to meet him."

Rupert: "The background was inspired by Fritz's parents love for France and deep blues and tomato oranges."
Leeroy: "I heard Fritz is pretty sneaky....he loves to snatch school lunches from backpacks! That gives me some ideas!"
Rupert: "Yeah....I saw you practicing and trying to sneak those liver treats out of the cupboard......but you got busted....amateur! Hahahaha!"
Leeroy: "Let's go practice some more.....can you help me? Think of all those new treats that came home with us from Woofstock!"
Rupert: "Yum, I'm in....let's go!"


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