Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitties...

Leeroy: "Oh, kitties....where are you? I am looking for you.....are you outside?"
Rupert: "Hey, kid, you're looking in the wrong place."
Leeroy: "Whadda you mean?"
Rupert: "Well, the kitties for today are in some of Kellie's artwork."
Leeroy: "Oh.....that's right...sometimes I forget she paints kitties too."
Rupert: "She paints almost everything, Leeroy. She just specializes in dogs, cats and horses."
Leeroy: "Show me da kitties!"
Rupert: "Well, the first one is "Bright Eyed Bunny". A beautiful memorial to a dearly missed kitty. She loved to be out in the garden and to be with her special family. She was very loyal and sweet."
Leeroy: "Oh! I like Bunny! She looks like a really nice kitty!"

Rupert: "This next one is "Purrfectly Peej" and she is very shy with new people. She lives with lots of other kitties in a really fun, kitty friendly home. There are posts they can climb and special shelves they can walk along! Oh! And there's a rabbit too!"
Leeroy: "They are so lucky! I wanna go see!!"

Rupert: " And there's also "Thomas & Riley". They love to snuggle up together, just like us Leeroy!"
Leeroy: "Yay! Snuggles! I love seeing all the kitties!"

Rupert: "Me too! It does put me in a snuggling mood...."
Leeroy: "I'm up for that! Let's go find our kitty brother, Tadd...I am sure he has a spot warmed up for us!"


LJC said…
Oh Leeroy and Rupert, you are such nice guys!! My late 'sister' Bright Eyed Bunny would really be impressed because you are "in touch with your feline side"!!

Be extra nice to your Mom...

PS: loved the pic of you in your charming winter duds!
Love Bailey Choquette
mandy said…
Hi Kelly,
It's mandy, Apple's mum. I haven't heard from you in a while how are you all?

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