OOoooops...we were sleeping on the job!

Rupert: "Wakey, wakey little bro'. We have overslept!"
Leeroy: "Oh, oh...what happened? Where has the time gone?"
Rupert: "Well, Woofstock in Toronto really wore us out! I loved it, we will have to post some photos of our time..but that's for next week..."
Leeroy: "Remember to tell them I met my littermate brother, k?"
Rupert: "You week!"
Leeroy: "This week we wanted to do a special post for a stunning and sweet Pekenese that recently passed."
Rupert: "It's beautiful miss Ginger Snap. Kellie recently found out about her passing and has been very sad. Kellie was lucky enough to have painted Gingie over a year ago and to have also met her in person. Her mama Beverley is a super special lady and we all send our sympathies Ginger's family."
Leeroy: "I didn't get to meet Ginger but I can tell she was just as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside."
Rupert: "You're right Leeroy, she's one in a million."
Leeroy: "A billion!"
Rupert: "A cajillion."
Leeroy: "She will be missed so much but we know her spirit will always be with us. Take care everybody."


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