Bring on the Sunshine!

Rupert: "I am so thrilled that my type of weather has finally arrived! Bring on the heat, bring on the sunshine and bring on the summer!
Guess what?! Kellie is gearing up to appear on Ottawa's Breakfast Television this coming Friday morning! She should be on at 7:55 a.m. for all you locals! Be sure to look for Leeroy and some Doodle Dog originals on air! Kellie is also announcing her book "The First Bark" on the show and it will be available for sale starting Friday!
Leeroy isn't reporting with me today, he says he is saving up his energy for Friday and he is getting lots of beauty sleep.

This week's featured painting is a memorial to best buddies "Razor and Cocoa". They did everything together and were neighbours! The sky background adds to the playfulness and Cocoa is ready to play ball. Great memories of friends to the end.
Make sure to check out Kellie's website, she will be updating the gallery with some more Doodle Dogs this week!"


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