FurBall prize painting!

Leeroy: "Hey, Rup, did you see the frost on the grass this morning?"
Rupert: "Unfortunately. Did you see how I didn't want to walk in it?"
Leeroy: "Yeah...it's pretty sad."
Rupert: "At least these last few days we've been able to find indoor sunpatches and we get to wear our doodle dog shirts."
Leeroy: "I got a special parcel in the mail this week with some warm cozies! Now I don't have to borrow yours anymore. Jane made me some awesome fleecies, can't wait to show you!"
Rupert: "Oh, that's real nice...use my stuff, even pee on it and then get yourself some brand new stuff. Thanks alot!"
Leeroy: "Um...jealous much?"
Rupert: " Anyways.....look at this week's artwork. It's for the winners of the Ottawa Humane Society's FurBall prize!"

Leeroy: "Very beachy!"
Rupert: "It's of Dora the beautiful Golden Retriever. Her and her family have recently moved to the east coast and she loves the water so the background incorporates that. Also, Dora loves her frisbee and wearing her hot pink bandana! Kellie got to meet her before they moved away."
Leeroy: "Maybe someday we'll get to meet her. She's so pretty!"
Rupert: "That would be amazing. I'd love to run with her on the beach, watch the sunset over the ocean while holding paws, skinny dip together."
Leeroy: "Calm down, bro. You've never even met her!"
Rupert: "But I can tell that she is wonderful. And a boy can dream, right?"
Leeroy: "Sure, you're so good at keeping it real. That's why I love ya."


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