Happy Thanksgiving!

Rupert: "So, Leeroy, did you recover from your bathtime tantrum last week?"
Leeroy: "Very funny....let's not talk about it, let's talk about how nice it has been these last few days and how much fun we have at the dog park!"
Rupert: "You're right, this weekend we are so thankful for all this warm sunshine."
Leeroy: "I am also thankful that I don't have to wear my sweater at the dog park today!"
Rupert: "This weekend is also Greyhounds Reach the Beach at Dewey, Delaware. Kellie went last year and couldn't make it this year but she has promised that she is going next year and that WE CAN GO TOO!!!"
Leeroy: "ROADTRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Rupert: "But we have to wait til next year. Kellie did send down an original painting for the Greyhounds in Art Show at Greyhounds Reach the Beach. It's called "Houndstooth Hound" and measures 20" x 24". The proceeds of her donated artwork along with other raffle items will be going towards greyhound cancer research!"

Leeroy: "I can't wait to go to Dewey next year, Kellie says it is a magical place. Everytime she thinks about being there she feels true bliss. The beach, the sand, the ocean and the hounds! We are thinking about Julie of Chilly Dogs, Sue of Urban Dog Photog and Char of Around the Hounds who drove down to participate. Hope they have alot of fun!"
Rupert: "How can they not? I know Kellie is wishing she was there with them but I am thankful she is with us this weekend!"
Leeroy: "Me too, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!"


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