Let's go to the FURBALL!

Rupert: "On Saturday, March 29th, Kellie will be attending the Ottawa Humane Society's Furball! It's at the National Gallery and she is donating a big canvas prize...the winner will get a painting of their pet! It's a black tie ball with a Mardi Gras theme. I wonder what Kellie is going to wear?!"
Leeroy: "Look at me! Look at me! I know what I am wearing! I am good to go!"
Rupert: "Sorry to tell you Leeroy, we will have to stay at home for this one BUT we can wait up for Kellie to come home and have an after party celebration!"
Leeroy: "Can I still wear my bowtie?"
Rupert: "Sure...for all you humans who want to go, you can get your tickets online at www.ottawahumane.ca/furball"
Leeroy: "Wish we could go! Now look at Kellie's painting for this week! It's "Oh, Boy! Ozzy!" He is SO cool!"

Rupert: "LOVE everything about it! I bet Ozzy would love to go to the FurBall too. Maybe us doggies should get together and have our own party!"
Leeroy: "That's a super idea! We can have treats, and games, and toys and more treats....Yippee!"
Rupert: "Hey, I haven't invited you yet..."
Leeroy: "But you will won't you?"
Rupert: "Don't hold your breath, bro."
Leeroy: "Big meanie......everyone be sure to visit Kellie's website for more artwork!


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