A Doodle DOG Book! A Doodle DOG Book!

Rupert: "I am SO excited! A Doodle DOG book is now being printed as we speak!!! Kellie has been working very hard on this and is expecting her first shipment of her first book in the next few days! It's a 60 page hardcover book, and it measures 7" x 7" - great to display for friends and family!
Inside you'll find me and Leeroy along with over 60 other dogs that have been painted by Kellie over the last couple of years. This book is dedicated to the dogs, her next one will include her cat and horse paintings too but we'll have to wait for that one!
The book, called "The First Bark" will be available for sale soon directly through Kellie to start. Watch her boutique for it's arrival! Yippee! Leeroy, we're going to be famous!!!"
Leeroy: "Now that Rupert hogged the spotlight on this post, I might as well let him tell you about this week's painting. I'm off to sulk now....maybe Kellie will feel sorry for me and give me a cookie...."
Rupert: "Never mind him...he's in a mood....This week's painting is called "Queen Candy". It is a gorgeous greyhound painted as a gift from one sister to another. Candy was a first greyhound to her owner and came as a rescue. Candy passed on but inspired her owner to continue to rescue greyhounds and open up her heart and home to this sweet and loyal breed. I wish I could have met Candy. Kellie says she would have been alot bigger than me and that she could run really fast! The cameo headshot forever immortalizes her and hopefully brings comfort as well as good memories back to her owner."


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