Ready for a Snow Day...

Rupert: "Ok...NO laughing about my outfit or about this snowstorm we are supposed to get tomorrow..... Are we seriously getting 50 cms?!"
Leeroy: "I don't know what 50 cms is but if it involves cozy pjs and lots of treats then I am in!"
Rupert: "Oh, naive..."
Leeroy: "Blah, blah, blah.....Rup, I know you are looking forward to the treats....I saw Kellie come in with some extra food for us for the weekend! By the way, nice hat..."
Rupert: "I am overlooking your uneducated comment about my chapeau and going to talk about this painting by Kellie. It's "Marvellous Maxwell". Max even came over to our house and we got to play with him! Sorry about Leeroy's lack of manners, brother can be a little too hyper sometimes."
Leeroy: "ME? Hyper?! You were jumping all over him too! Lack of manners...give me a break..."
Rupert: "Anyways....Max's portrait has a classic black satin background and he looks so distinguished!"
Leeroy: "OOOOoooo....distinguished...someone's been reading the dictionary..."
Rupert: "Don't get smart with me...and don't forget who's pjs you are're going to need them this weekend!"
Leeroy: "SO bossy! Oh well......stay safe and warm everyone! Be sure to check out !"


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