A Book, a Walk, an Apple and a TV Show!

Leeroy: "May is here and that means it's time for B.A.R.K.'s 7th Annual "Woofs and Wags" Walkathon! It is this Sunday, May 4th at the Experimental Farm Arboretum. Registration is at 8 a.m. and the walk starts at 9! I haven't been before...sounds like there is alot of stuff to do after the walk too and it's all for such a good cause!"
Rupert: "I was there last year and I had so much fun! Did the walk, got some snacks, met a pet communicator, had my photo taken by the extraordinary Sue Bird and had some more snacks! Yum!"
Leeroy: "A pet communicator? You find out why you love food so much?"
Rupert: "Maybe this year we can find out why your nickname is Chicken Little..."
Leeroy: "I'm NOT chicken....I'm just reserved when I meet new people and dogs, that's all, there's nothing wrong with that..."
Rupert: "Easy, boy! You are just really shy. Like when we met Apple, remember. You said you were overwhelmed...."
Leeroy: "Oh, yes, Apple! She is SO cute and her mama Mandy is the nicest ever!"
Rupert: "Kellie calls this week's feature "Apple of my Eye" and it is of an Ottawa Westie we made friends with. We got to play and sniff and bark together. The background of the painting is a velvety black damask pattern on hot pink! It really suits Apple's fiesty and beautiful personality."

Leeroy: "It was a big painting too - Apple's portrait was way bigger than me! A couple of times when I was passing by it I had to make sure it wasn't a real dog that came over to visit!"
Rupert: "Speaking of visit....you should tell them about your morning last Friday on Breakfast Television!"
Leeroy: "There were so many people and some other dogs...I met Six and Doyle. I ate a TimBit. Kellie held me while she did her live interview and announced her book "The First Bark" which is now on sale!!! I was overwhelmed for sure...."
Rupert: "You mean chicken...."


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