Dis One's For All Da Mamas!

Rupert: "Ahem...I have written a poem in celebration of Mother's Day this weekend. I would like to share it.
Mama, Mama, you da one dat loves me...
Thank you, thank you, without you where would I be?
Happy, happy is really what you make me...
Always, always us together is what I see!"
Leeroy: "Make sure to wish your Mamas a Happy Mother's Day this weekend! We are going to have a little party for ours and then have a big nap together and then go for a drive and then go running around and then get some treats and enjoy the sunshine!"

Rupert: "Yippee! So much fun. Maybe we will even get to see Lizzie and Liza soon, two of our favorite pug girlfriends! Kellie painted them for their Mama. They each got their own canvas to be painted on and the backgrounds have the same pattern but da colours are switched. We LOVE Lizzie and Liza!"
Leeroy: "Have a super weekend everybodies!"


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