Which Way to Woofstock?!

Leeroy: "Hey, Rup...how do we get to Woofstock?"
Rupert: "Um... I think it's this way but I think we need to go in the car..."
Leeroy: "Hmmmm...I think it's THIS way."
Rupert: "We better leave it up to Kellie, she said it's in Toronto and that we get to stay the whole weekend of June 6th, 7th and 8th! We get to stay in a hotel and everything!"
Leeroy: "A hotel? I've never stayed away from home overnight before..."
Rupert: "Ooooo...it's SO fun - we can even order room service!"
Leeroy: "I'm down with that..."
Rupert: "We'll also see LOTS of other doggies and see what things we can buy! I can't wait!"
Leeroy: "It will be awesome making some new friends! Hey....other dogs should let us know they are going...ok, all you out there that are going, tell us! Maybe we can meet you! You can leave a comment here or even email Kellie and let her know!"
Rupert: "Yippee! Dog Party!!!"
Leeroy: "Wait! Look at this week's painting - it's "La, La, Lieba!" It's a BIG painting of an adorable girl in Westboro! Isn't that neat how she can sit pretty like that? I've been practicing but I just can't get it right."

Rupert: "I don't know how Lieba does it! She is amazing and beautiful! Look how tiny you look next to the painting! heeheehee!"
Leeroy: "I was trying to sit pretty but I could only get one leg up."
Rupert: "One leg up, eh.....just make sure it's not the back one!"


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