Two Minutes to Time Out!

Rupert: "So, what's up today, wee man?"
Leeroy: "Other than trying to stay warm, just a couple things, I think."
Rupert: "Ok...can you spit it out?"
Leeroy: "My, my...aren't we impatient today!"
Rupert: "I am just excited about the Doodle Dog December deal of the month!"
Leeroy: "I know, I am too...the last 2 deals for October and November went instantly! It's the only place Kellie has a special on one canvas for that month. Once it sells, you have to wait until the next month. So this month's special is a cute sized 12" x 12" custom headshot painting! It's all taylored to what the buyer wants!"
Rupert: "You can treat yourself or someone special to handpainted artwork of their pet!"
Leeroy: "Speaking of treats...have you all made it to the new Bark and Fitz location in the Kanata Centrum? Everything on my wish list is from there! You have to go! It's amazing!"
Rupert: "Everyone is so nice and they give you treats and there is so much to sniff and play with and eat and wear and see!"

Leeroy: "Kellie did a painting special for the store of Amanda's's called "Duke, King of Danes" and it's HUGE!"
Rupert: "Just like Duke....he's a bit bigger than me..."
Leeroy: "A BIT?! You are kidding, right? He's at least 15 of you!"
Rupert: "Oh, yeah...well he must be about 25 of you!"
Leeroy: "I know he is....I'm not stupid!"
Rupert: "I beg to differ...."
Leeroy: "You are always begging...."
Rupert: "Kellie is coming to give us a time out....we'll see you next week."
Leeroy: "You always get us into trouble, Rupert!"
Rupert: "ME? You always start it....ooops gotta go...."


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