September Stuff!

Rupert: "We have been super busy the last few weeks makin' lots of new friends at a new off leash dog park near us! It is SO much fun and I get to do what I want and play and run and sniff!"
Leeroy: "Yeah! I like to run and run and run and run and run and run!"
Rupert: "Slow down, boy! Ok, so we have a few things that Kellie wants us to tell you about."
Leeroy: "and run and run and run and run and run!"
Rupert: "Leeroy! STOP for a second! So, there is a new Bark and Fitz opening up in Kanata at the end of this month! That's near us so we are very excited to make more visits and get more treats! Kellie will have a big painting up of someone special!"
Leeroy: "who, me?"
Rupert: "Nope...."
Leeroy: "You?"
Rupert: "No, sir, you'll just have to wait and see! Also Kellie has been cleaning out her studio and found lots of artwork she forgot she had! It's alot of stuff from before doodleDOG and she is selling it in the boutique! If you like bugs then you will love this stuff!"
Leeroy: "I eat bugs."
Rupert: "Um....too much info I think Leeroy. Also, and drumroll please!!! Once a month Kellie is going to offer ONE original canvas at a super price! Once it's sold, it's gone and you'll have to wait weeks for another opportunity! How neat is that?"
Leeroy: "Super neat! Know what else is neat is this week's painting! It's "Fun with Finnley" - look at her eyes, one is blue and one is did Finnley do that?"

Rupert: "I think she was just born really special. I love her hair! And her little tongue peeking out!"
Leeroy: "Heehee....what a great likey!"
Rupert: "Me too. What do you want to do now?"
Leeroy: "Let's go to the park and run and run and run and run and run and run!"
Rupert: "Let's GO!"


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