Whaz Up, White Stuff?

Rupert: "Well, the white stuff is here again and I can't believe I put up with it!"
Leeroy: "What choice do we have? I think it might be here for awhile..."
Rupert: "One good thing, it does mean we are closer to Christmas! I have my wish list finished and good to go."
Leeroy: "Lemme guess what's on it: Treats, treats and more treats....you are such a piggy iggy!"
Rupert: "Excuse me, it's treats, treats and toys, then more treats."
Leeroy: "Why bother putting toys on your list? You know I will steal them all from you and have my way with them."
Rupert: "Oh, yeah, like you tried to with my new nubby ball? And what happened? Kellie took it away from you and hid it from you."
Leeroy: "Doesn't that mean she hid it from you too?"
Rupert: "Um...anyways...Here is this week's artwork for all of you to see, it's "Miss Virginia Woof!". She has a pink squeaky ball she doesn't have to share with anybody....must be nice!"

Leeroy: "Look at her awesome hair! She is so unique. I bet her and I would have a blast together."
Rupert: "She lives in Virginia and her owners think she may be part min pin and part dachshund....I think she is ALL adorable."
Leeroy: "Me too!"
Rupert: "Don't you want to tell them about your news? Little superstar?"
Leeroy: "Well, I don't want to show off or anything but I'm in a magazine!!! It's Dogs in Canada!"

Rupert: "Photographer Suzanne Bird used him for an article on renting dogs. Can you imagine? I wouldn't want to be rented out."
Leeroy: "Me neither. Kellie was with me for the whole photo shoot and we had fun. She assured me we were just playing pretend."
Rupert: "Shucks, eh? What ever would I do if you were rented out....heeheehee."
Leeroy: "Hey, you would miss me, cry for me, be lost without me!"
Rupert: "Ok, maybe just a little. I'm proud to be your brother, little man."


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