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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wanna Win?!

Rupert: "Yo! Dogz! Me and my Pawsee wanna let you know about a way for you to win a Doodle Dog Painting this spring!"
Leeroy: "Um..Gangster Ru, you are silly! Everyone, on May 8th, 2010 from 10 am to 4 pm get yourselves down to Bark & Fitz Kanata to visit Kellie painting onsite and to enter to win a 16"x16" custom commission headshot of YOUR PET!!!"
Maybel: "That's a big prize! There's also going some taste testings of some great natural pet foods and other prizes."
Rupert: "To enter the Doodle Dog Painting contest, you have to come in to the store and doodle on a ballot and leave your information...then at the end of the day a winner will be randomly drawn."
Leeroy: "I thought they were going to be painted!"
Rupert: "They will be painted but at the end of the day a winner's name is going to be picked...smarten up Weeboy!"
Maybel: "There's a chance I get to go with Kellie for the day!!!"
Rupert and Leeroy: "WHHHHAAATTT???"
Maybel: "Well, you two are all grown up now and I need to be supervised a lot more than you...and I've never been to the store yet so it's my turn!"
Leeroy: "You better bring us back some treats!!"
Rupert: "As long as there are treats no one gets hurt."
Maybel: "You got it boys. Hey, Rupert, this week's painting is of "Mick the Lick" and he has a silver chin just like you!"
Rupert: "He looks so distinguished...quite a gentleman I must say...."
Leeroy: "Mickey is a sweet soul, wise and gentle. His family loves him very much. He is deaf and almost blind but his eyes shine bright with love and happiness."
Maybel: "What a good boy! Here's to Mickey!"
Rupert: "We love him...and we would love for you to stop in and see Kellie and introduce yourselves and your pups! We will remind you again next week, ok?!"

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Holly said...

Looks like FUN! Wish I lived closer!