YO! Dogs!

Leeroy:  "I am very excited to tell you about some things you CAN'T miss!!!  First, Rupert and I are travelling to Greyhounds Reach the Beach from October 7th to the 12th...Kellie has put together a Chakra Hound collection special for the event.  There are 7 huge paintings in the series and you MUST see them at the Greyhounds in Art show!"
Rupert:  "If you are in Dewey Beach for the weekend PLEASE come to the open house where we are staying.  Designer extraordinaire, Char, is having a Dewey Preview party where you can get a first hand look to purchase amazing creations.  It is going to be mind blowing!"
Leeroy:  "Kellie has one of Charly Blair's gorgeous bracelets but I am borrowing it and using it as neckware..."
Rupert:  "Yeah, Kellie wants that back, you know....."
Leeroy:  "I know, maybe tomorrow."
Rupert:  "The other big event is DOGtoberFEST!  Save the date on Sunday, October 25th to bring your dog to this fabulous open house!  Urban Dog Photog, Chilly Dogs and Doodle Dog Paintings have joined forces to bring together an eyeful of inspiration.  Contact Kellie for more information if you would like to attend and there will be more details posted soon!"
Leeroy:  "Rup and I need to get packing, we have never been to the ocean before..."
Rupert:  "I hear we will be seeing hundreds of other sighthounds this weekend!  How exciting!"
Leeroy:  "We love roadtrips!  We will see you all soon!"


doodledog said…
Why, thank you, Miss Lorrie! We love you!

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