Sun, Sand and Sighthounds!

Leeroy:  "We got back this week from an awesome trip at Greyhounds Reach the Beach in Dewey Beach, Delaware!"
Rupert:  "It was our first time in the United States AND at the ocean!  We had such a blast!"
Leeroy:  "Everyday we hit the beach, dined at dog friendly restaurants, popped into the Greyhounds in Art show, and checked out all the fabulous vendors!"
Rupert:  "We made lots of new friends and want to go back right away..."
Leeroy:  "Two of Kellie's Chakra Hound paintings found new homes.  Watch the SHOP page of the website for prints of the collection available for sale in the next couple of weeks!"
Rupert:  "Here is one of the Chakra Hounds called "Devoted Love".  There were 7 BIG pieces in the collection and hours and hours went into creating them."

Leeroy:  "We can't wait to go back next year and see all our new friends again."
Rupert:  "Thank you all for having us, and for giving us the time of our lives.  Hugs and licks to everyone!"


Dragonflyte said…
This was my eleventh year as a greyhound artist/vendor at Dewey Beach and I STILL love it! Best vacation any hound owner could have! I'll look for you next year. Oh and did you know that there is a smaller gathering in Dewey in April? SPRING Dewey!
Jeanni K. Davis
doodledog said…
We will have to think about springtime!!! We will look for you next year too - would LOVE to meet you in person!
love and licks, Rupert and Leeroy

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