Trick or Treat!...but make it treats please!

Leeroy: "Oh,'s costume time again..."
Rupert: "This is the time of year that we work our hardest for treats, right?"
Leeroy: "Yup - wearing these outfits is even harder than obedience class!"
Rupert: "Does this bunny make my butt look big?"
Leeroy: "No bigger than usual..."
Rupert: "Ok, Chicken Little - go suck an egg."
Leeroy: "If you paid attention, I am a rooster so I don't have any eggs! So there! Maybe you should eat some more carrots to see better!"
Rupert: "Whatever, you still look silly."
Leeroy: "We better get some major treats for this!"
Rupert: "This week's painting is called "Will You, Wiggle?!" and it is of the biggest and bestest chocolate lab Kellie has ever met!"
Leeroy: "Will he what?"
Rupert: "That's the title because it was painted as a surprise wedding gift from a bride to her groom! It was presented to him at the reception! Isn't it neat?!"
Leeroy: "Yeah - did everyone dress up for the wedding?"
Rupert: "Well, sure they did, it's a fancy occassion!"
Leeroy: "Did they dress as chickens or as rabbits?"
Rupert: "Oh, boy, not that kind of dress up.....but let me tell you, if YOU ever get married I will wear the chicken costume....that's a promise!"
Leeroy: "Deal. See everyone next time - kiddies are at the door!!!"


Holly Joy said…
Cute Iggies :) Happy Halloween!
IGLV said…
Rupert & Leroy look cute ... the new painting is great too :)
Praveen said…
Leeroy and Rupert, you guys can come here anytime. Treats all the time, no need to dress up.
doodledog said…
Aw, thanks you guys! Praveen - that deal is too good to pass up!!! No dressing up would be a HUGE plus!!!
Licks and wags and Halloween kisses, Leeroy and Rupert

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