Vote for me PRETTY PLEASE! With a cherry on top!

Leeroy:  "I am begging you all to take a minute and vote for Kellie's artwork to win in the Mutt Lynch Winery label contest! PLEASE VOTE, PLEASE VOTE, PLEASE VOTE!!!  It's so much fun!"

Rupert:  "How cool would that be to have your face on some bottles, Leeroy?!"
Leeroy:  "I would LOVE it!  It's a great contest, there is no money for the winner but the winning artwork will be made into a label for Mutt Lynch Winery's limited edition wine that will debut at the winery's Dog Days of Summer on August 8, 2009.  This annual event includes wine tasting, dog themed art, and vendor booths to benefit the Healdsburg Animal Shelter."  
Rupert:  "There will only be 500 bottles of this exclusive wine produced and 10% of sales go to the shelter.  Also 15 limited edition prints of the winning entry will be sold to benefit the animals too!"
Leeroy:  "Kellie' submission is from her painting of me called "Leeroy Out Loud!" #19 on the survey.  She formatted the piece so that there would be room to add the name of the wine and Mutt Lynch's name.  It looks like a splash of the most colourful wine you ever tasted behind me and it tastes so good that I am singing in the most opera diva voice ever!"
Rupert:  "PLEASE vote for my little brother's artwork.  We will be forever grateful and love you long times!"


I heard you just won. Congratulations!!! Your submission is gorgeous!
doodledog said…
Thank you so much! We are thrilled and very, very excited!

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