Me SO Happy!!! I Woof You!

Leeroy:  "Let me tell you from the bottom of my biggest wag - THANK YOU to everyone that took the time to vote for Kellie's painting of me for the Mutt Lynch Winery label contest!  WE WON!!!   I am so excited about this!  I can't wait to see the finished bottles!  Kellie says I can't taste the wine but I would be more than happy to pawtograph your limited edition bottles for you!  The new wine and label will be unveiled in early August, and I think Kellie is going to be there.  I am now begging her to sneak me into her carry on bag.....Again, THANK YOU EVERYONE!  Rupert and I will be back soon to tell you more!  Big licks!"


Bob said…
Hi LeeRoy The people who were picking the winners really, really knew what they were doing and this is going to make a wonderful label.
You are one beautiful dog (almost as good as me, Bob) and your Mom is wonderful too.

Love and Licks,
Blogging Bob
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doodledog said…
Thank you, blogging Bob! You are super, duper! My Mom is going to be going to the Healdsburg event in August for sure to see the label unveiled....I am going to try to sneak myself into her suitcase!

Big licks and love right back at 'ya,
Leeroy (and Rupert too!)
Hannah said…
Congrats! He is adorable and the painting is great! :)
doodledog said…
Thank you, Hannah! Woofs and wags to you!
Anne Good said…
Ok...I'm so behind on this, but I just realized that you won and I voted for you!!!! So exciting!
doodledog said…
Hi Anne! Thank you so much for voting for me! Sending you extra wags and licks,
Rupert and Leeroy
Anonymous said…
Ruff, Leeroy, my name is Shasta, I'm an Aussie but I really like your Greyhound stylin'. My peeps, Pam & Jack Clark are unaware that I'm surfing the net...they get giggly this time of the night and then I can sneak off and do my own thing. Anyway, Paws Up! Keep on with your winning ways!
doodledog said…
How you doin', Shasta!!! We loves us some Aussies! Hope you can sneak back on soon to visit us - thank you for your kind words.

Nose nuzzles and tongue dabs,
Rupert and Leeroy

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