Patiently Waiting........

Rupert: "It's official...we are fighting the winter blues and patiently waiting for spring to appear."
Leeroy: "When was the last time we went outside for a walk, Rup?"
Rupert: "Gosh, almost a month ago, I guess. This cold weather is causing problems with me maintaining my boyish figure."
Leeroy: "I see that..."
Rupert: "HEY! Kellie tries to play indoor fetch with us as much as she can but it's just not the same as racing around at the dog park."
Leeroy: "When will it be spring?"
Rupert: "I think we still have a bit of a wait but we can always daydream!"
Leeory: "For those of you that daydream of having a Doodle Dog Painting make sure to cast your vote for what size canvas Kellie should have as her deal of the month for will see the poll on the left hand column!"
Rupert: "I wonder what size will be chosen for next month!"

Leeroy: "This week's painting is "Eternally Emma", it is a memorial of a Yorkshire Terrier from friends to her owners. Emma is muchly missed."
Rupert: "What a beautiful girl, a special girl. I will daydream about her for awhile."
Leeroy: "Me too, Rupert, me too."
Rupert: "Take care everybody, see you again soon!"


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