January, Schmamuary...

Rupert: "Hey, hey, hey...Happiest New Year to all! Leeroy and I are back in da House!"
Leeroy: "Oh, Rup, You are SO ghetto!"
Rupert: "Foshizzle, wee zizzle!"
Leeroy: "Whaaaaaaa?"
Rupert: "It's something new I am trying for the new year...not sure if I can work it..."
Leeroy: "Maybe you should try something different, I think an italian accent would be appropriate."
Rupert: "Oooo yeees, da pasta, da pasta, da pasta!"
Leeroy: "Or maybe you should just stick to being yourself....nice try though."
Rupert: "Ok, let's move on...January's special DEAL OF THE MONTH was listed today! Don't miss your chance, there is only one of these available for the month."
Leeroy: "It's a BIG special this time, it's a 24" x 24" headshot of your pet! That will make a statement!"
Rupert: "This week's painting also makes a statement. It's "Timeless Tonka" a memorial of gorgeous Tonka and a gift from a daughter to her mother."

Leeroy: "What a great gift! So personal and special. Hey, just like "Fun with Finnley", Tonka has one brown eye and one blue!"
Rupert: "Oh, Yeah! Hey maybe instead of an accent I could get two different coloured eyes...."
Leeroy: "Good luck with that one!"


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