Please Don't Leave Us, Summer.......

Rupert:  "Hey all!  Life has been busy lately in a good and exciting way!"
Leeroy:  "First, let's congratulate Margot from Australia on winning the Doodle Dog commission that was in Storm's auction.  We are happy to report that the auction for this special 3 legged Iggy helped to raise lots of money for his vet bills.  We also wish Storm the best life ever and send him lots of licks!"
Rupert:  "There is also another event happening tonight that is raising money for farm animals!"
Leeroy:  "Yeah, like pigs and chickens and cows and donkeys and goats and stuff."
Rupert:  "Thank you for clarifying that for everyone, Leeroy.....It's the Animal Acres Gala taking place in California.  This is the second year that Kellie is donating artwork.  The event was supposed to happen last weekend but due to the devastating fires the entire sanctuary had to be evacuated!  Everyone is safe and a new location is hosting the benefit.  This year's honourary chair is Ellen Degeneres!"
Leeroy:  "Oh!  I like to see Ellen on TV and I dance along with her from the living room."
Rupert:  " one needs to see that!"
Leeroy:  "Sounds like the event is going to be a blast!  Someday we will have to go."
Rupert:  "Kellie promised us the next time she goes to California we can go with her so we have to hold her to it!"
Leeroy:  "YES!"
Rupert:  "Here is a painting called "Hunky Harlem and Jiggy Jango", they are Rhodesian Ridgebacks and are big, big boys!"

Leeroy:  "They are huge and handsome for sure!  These big boys needed a big canvas...almost 4 feet wide by 2 feet high!"
Rupert:  "The complex background took a long time, free hand painting the stripes and circles was a real challenge."
Leeroy:  "How would you know?  You didn't do it!"
Rupert:  "Well, I mean....Kellie told me and I spent a lot of time watching her work on this one, so I sort of supervised."
Leeroy:  "You are so deluded....supervised.....sure...."
Rupert:  "Watch yourself little man."
Leeroy:  "Ok, tough guy, let's go get breakie, I'm hungry."
Rupert:  "Food?  Outta here!  Bye all."


AG said…
Where did you get those GORGEOUS collars from!? So stunning-course it doesn't hurt that they are being worn by such handsome boys!
doodledog said…
Thank you so much! They also have some "bling" on the buckle part, we thought Swarovskis were for girls but we like them too! They are combo martingale collars from
We highly recommend them!!! Warning, once you get your first order you may become addicted! Have a super day!
xo Rupert and Leeroy

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