Our Mama's Home and Back in the Studio!

Leeroy:  "We are SO relieved to have our Mama, Kellie, home safe and sound from her California adventure!  She brought us home some treats and some wine with my face on it!"
Rupert:  "I didn't get any wine with my face on it....but I did get first kisses when she came through the door."
Leeroy:  "Only 'cause you're taller than me....."
Rupert:  "Kellie hasn't even had a chance yet to show us her pictures from the Mutt Lynch event but she is happy she made the trip and can't believe she was really there."
Leeroy:  "Thank you everyone for sending in your SUPERB greyhound photos....Kellie is going to have a hard time choosing poses for her Dewey Beach collection...more info on that to come."
Rupert:  "Today we have a REALLY IMPORTANT story for you.  Not often are there Italian Greyhounds in rescue in Canada but right now Doodle Dog is trying to help to raise money for a special 3-legged boy named Storm....PLEASE read his story!"

Leeroy:  "The auction for a Doodle Dog 16" x 20" commission ends this Friday, August 21 and all the money is going to pay for Storm's medical needs.  He is such a brave boy...I would LOVE to meet him someday!"
Rupert:  "So come on, everyone, let's help this special wee man out!  There are lots of other GREAT auction items to bid on too!"
Leeroy:  "I know that his new life has just started and it is a sunshiney future ahead of him!"
Rupert:  "This week's painting is called "Tribute To Tod" and is for a really nice gal in California.  Tod passed away and then the family computer was stolen with most of Tod's photos on it....."

Leeroy:  "I hope this artwork brings them some comfort and reminds them of all the special times they had with Tod.  They miss him so much and it is so hard to lose a loved one."
Rupert:  "We need to remember to live each day to it's fullest and appreciate every moment we have with each other."
Leeroy:  "I hear you, Rup.....Now I am gonna go appreciate me some "Leeroy's Treats" that Kellie brought back....I will share with you."
Rupert:  "You bet your butt, you're sharing!  Let's go!"


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