We are on the lookout...for Greyhound models!!!

Rupert: "Kellie is searching for incredible photos to take inspiration from for her latest works. She is putting together a collection of Greyhound paintings special for Dewey Beach, Greyhounds in Art 2009. The pieces will focus on head and shoulder shots in a big scale!"

Leeroy: "If you have photos you can share with her that would be super! The best photos would be taken at eye level and with clear detail! The Greyhounds can be smiling, panting, alert and ready, or even calm magestic faces. The more the better!"
Rupert: "You can email them to Kellie and title it GREYHOUND PHOTOS! She will notify those that are being used to inspire her pieces!"
Leeroy: "This is going to be a really fun collection. A celebration of the strong, silent strength these gorgeous sighthounds have mixed in with their quirky, lovable personalities!"
Rupert: "Please submit your favorite photos by August 14th, 2009. Kellie will be working on this collection from that date until the end of September!"


amanda said…
Passed this on to my local greyhound rescue mailing list.
doodledog said…
Thank you so much! We appreciate that! Wags and licks, Rupert and Leeroy.

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