Bed Heads....

Leeroy:  "With all this rain, the whole day turns into naptime for us."Rupert:  "I can't wait to get back to the park.  I am just waiting for Kellie to say the word!"
Leeroy:  "I know, it's tough being us."
Rupert:  "All this sleeping and eating is really draining.  I don't know what to do with myself."
Leeroy:  "Maybe we should go bug Tadder cat."
Rupert:  "Hmmmm....sounds good to me."
Leeroy:  "Wish we could go bug the two kitties in this week's painting "Winston & Emma".  They are brother and sister and were born on Halloween!"
Rupert:  "Maybe we shouldn't mess with them....two against two doesn't give us as much of a chance....."
Leeroy:  "Well, Emma is pretty shy.  That's why she is painted peeking around the corner of the canvas!"
Rupert:  "I think I'll stick with Tadd.  Plus, he secretly likes wrestling with us, right?"
Leeroy:  "Sure....I bet he likes it as much as I like you picking on me!"
Rupert:  "I knew it!"
Leeroy:  "Let's go!  Then there's more sleeping and eating to do after that.  See you all next time!"


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