In Like a Leeroy...Out Like a Lamb?

Rupert: " Ah, March....a month of unpredictable weather and we sit here hoping for the best..."
Leeroy: "Hoping? Heck, I am protesting any negative weather."
Rupert: "Well, I think you will be protesting alot for the next few days. Be careful too, all that screaming can give you some pretty hefty wrinkles."
Leeroy: " should know, old man!"
Rupert: "Old man??? Who peed on your kibble today?"
Leeroy: "Probrably YOU..."
Rupert: "Ahem, let's move onward and upward now. A couple of really great events took place over the weekend that Kellie donated some original artwork to. On Friday night in LA, there was a fundraiser for Ashley Paige's pet project Ruff Houzen. The soiree took place at the Luxury Pet Pavillion and there were celebrities! Kellie was honoured to paint an original just for the event!!!"
Leeroy: "Ashley Paige's pet are beyond witty, Rup.."

Rupert: "I know....anyhoo.....The big painting measures 2 feet by 3 feet and is called "California Crested". With a canary yellow tone on tone zebra background and even a blinged out collar charm it is definitely eye catching! We are so excited to hear who went home with it!!!"
Leeroy: "What a great charity, you should all check out the websites. Saturday night was the 6th annual "Weim & Cheese" fundraising auction for Weimaraner Rescue of the South. Kellie donated a blank canvas to the auction and will be painting the winner's pet!"
Rupert: "What a busy weekend, wish we lived closer so we could be at these events..."
Leeroy: "Hey! If we lived closer, then we would be in much warmer weather!!! Let's go tell Kellie we need to move to California....or Georgia...or Alabama!"
Rupert: "Sounds like a plan to me, I'm in!"
Leeroy: "I'm in a LION!!!"


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