We Loves You!

Rupert: "We are hoping all of you have a LOVEly Valentine's Day!"
Leeroy: "My witty brother is correct....since it is the month of love you should check out Kellie's February DEAL OF THE MONTH! You will LOVE it!"
Rupert: "There is only ONE of these availble and it's a unique 12" x 24" size. You can fit alot of love on that canvas!"
Leeroy: "I can feel the love..."
Rupert: "You can feel the love?"
Leeroy: "Yup....even this week's artwork is all about the love!"

Rupert: "Oh! Yes, it's "Maggie's Dave" and Dave's Maggie". These two sweethearts love each other to no end! Their owners wanted to celebrate them each on their own canvas but mix up the colours for the backgrounds."
Leeroy: "I hear that they are inseperable. You can tell by the way they look at each other how much they love each other."
Rupert: "I wish Maggie would look at me like that!"
Leeroy: "One time I tried to look at you like that....I didn't feel the big love..."
Rupert: "Well....you caught me off guard....I panicked...."
Leeroy: "Maybe I'll try again someday...."
Rupert: "Maybe on Valentine's Day?"
Leeroy: "Maybe....."


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